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The Bench Bar Committee of the Lycoming Law Association meets periodically in an effort encourage a good working relationship between Lycoming County judges and the Lycoming County bar.  The Committee consists of all Bench Bar Committeecurrently commissioned judges of the Court of Common Pleas of Lycoming County and any senior  judges.  In addition, the President of the Lycoming Law Association selects as members  local attorneys, who volunteer to serve on the Committee.  The intention is to have representation on the Committee by attorneys who concentrate their practice in diverse areas of the law.

The Committee meets four times per year.  Those in attendance may be expected to share issues of concern for discussion by the group.  The discussions are quite lively at times.  The Judges  often provide the group with information concerning new court initiatives, and may use the group as a "sounding board" to explore acceptance among members of the bar.  In addition, members of the bar may raise concerns about the operation of the court system or other issues important to lawyers.

The Committee facilitates cooperation among all concerned with the goal of efficiently addressing all such issues.  Over the years, the Committee has effectively performed this function.