Common Pleas, Lycoming County, No. 908 November Term, 1966

In The Matter Of The Death Of Joseph M. McNerney
A Member Of The Bar
Of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania


JOSEPH M. MCNERNEYPursuant to the Order of this Court the appointed committee has met and prepared resolutions herein set forth and respect fully submitted.

Joseph M. McNerney was admitted to the Bar of the several Courts of Lycoming County on the sixth day of May, 1939, upon the motion of Harry Alvan Baird, Esquire.

Joseph M. McNerney actively engaged in the practice of law from the date of his admission to the date of his death. His very sudden and untimely death on Thursday, January 12, 1967, has so profoundly shocked the minds of all of us that it is with great difficulty we express our sorrow. Measured in years, his life was comparatively short, yet it was so worthwhile that we must wish to preserve something of what we know and think and feel about him in this hour.

He was born in the City of Williamsport in this County on October 23, 1909, the son of John P. McNerney and Johanna McNerney. He was named and baptized Joseph Maurice McNerney.  Harry Alvan Baird, Esquire, was his preceptor. He began his practice of law in the City of Williamsport in 1939. On the nineteenth day of December, 1949, Allen P. Page, Esquire, became associated with Joseph M. McNerney, and on August 1, 1951, they formed a partnership known as McNerney & Page. Subsequently thereto O. William Vanderlin and T. Max Hall became members of the firm and the name was changed to McNerney, Page, Vanderlin & Hall.

On the tenth day of June, 1938, he was united in marriage with Elizabeth H. Kelly, who, at the time Mr. McNerney met her, resided in Oneida, New York.

As a lawyer, he was a staunch advocate of his client’s rights, an aggressive and competent competitor, tempered by thread of Irish wit which endeared him to his adversaries.

As a citizen he performed his duties and accepted his responsibilities with graciousness.

As a family man, no husband and father ever had more concern for the welfare of his family.

In every phase of life, whether we regard him as a lawyer, a citizen or a family man, this Bar and this community have sustained a great loss by his death.

He was an active member of the Church of the Annunciation and a member of the Knights of Columbus.

He was a Director of the Williamsport National Bank and served as its general counsel and had been a member of the original Board of Divine Providence Hospital.

He was a member of Lycoming Law Association, Pennsylvania Bar Association and the American Bar Association.

We therefore offer the following resolution for adoption as a minute of this Court:

BE IT RESOLVED that on the death of Joseph M. McNerney the Bar of Lycoming County has lost an able lawyer, the community has lost a valuable citizen, the church a devoted Christian and his family a loving member.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that these resolutions be spread at length upon the minutes of this Court and that a copy thereof be sent to Mrs. Joseph M. McNerney.

All of which is respectfully submitted.

Harry C. Fithian, Jr.
Clyde B. Williamson
Harry Gibson
Seth McCormick Lynn
Max Hall
Harry Alvan Baird
O. William Vanderlin
Allen Page Jr., Chairman