In The Court of Common Pleas of Lycoming County, No. 73-0327

In the matter of the death of Harry Alvan Baird.

To The Honorable, The Judges of The Court of Common Pleas of Lycoming County:

HARRY ALVAN BAIRDPursuant to the Order of this Court, the appointed committee has met and prepared  resolutions, herein set forth and respectfully submitted:

HARRY ALVAN BAIRD was born September 3, 1902. He was the son of the Honorable Eugene Baird and Mrs. Baird. His father, the Honorable Eugene Baird, was the President Judge of the Judicial District consisting of Clinton, Elk and Cameron Counties. Mr. Baird received his Bachelor’s Degree from Lafayette College in 1925 and he received his LL.B. from the University of Pittsburgh Law School in 1928. He was first employed in the office of Patterson, Crawford, Arensburg & Dunn, Attorneys of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was admitted to the Lycoming County Bar on February 4, 1929, upon the Motion of the Honorable Max L. Mitchell.  Mr. Baird since remained a resident of Lycoming County. He was married to Rita Stockwell, now deceased, and they had one child, David S. Baird, now of McLean, Virginia. There are three grandchildren. Mr. Baird is also survived by one sister, Mrs. C. Fiske Geary, or Ridgway, Pennsylvania.

Harry Alvan Baird was an outstanding trial lawyer for the defense of negligence cases. He represented a vast number of insurance companies. He had a quiet and unassuming manner in his trial work. Many a plaintiff’s lawyer was surprised and disappointed, time and again, when the jury returned verdicts for the defendant.

On October 25, 1929, Samuel H. Humes, of Jersey Shore and Pittsburgh, was admitted to the Lycoming County Bar and he and Harry Alvan Baird formed a partnership known as Humes and Baird, which was not dissolved until Mr. Humes went on the Bench of Lycoming County in 1940.

BE IT RESOLVED, that through the death of Harry Alvan Baird the Bar of Lycoming County and of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has lost an able member.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this Resolution be spread at length upon the minutes of the Court of Lycoming County and that copies thereof be sent to David S. Baird and Mrs. C. Fiske Geary.

Respectfully submitted,

Clyde E. Carpenter Jr.
Harry C. Fithian
Alfred Jackson
John C. Youngman, Chairman