In The Court Of Common Pleas Of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania NO: 98-01701

IN RE: Appointment of a Committee to draft Resolution in the death of PAUL W. REEDER, ESQUIRE



ON the 29th day of October, 1998, the Honorable Clinton W. Smith, President Judge of the 29th Judicial District of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, appointed the undersigned Resolution Committee to draft a Resolution memorializing the life of PAUL WOODWARD REEDER; ESQUIRE, and to submit the same to said Court on Monday, November 9, 1998 at 4:00 o'clock P.M.

The undersigned Committee therefore submits for Your Honorable Court's consideration the following Resolution:

WHEREAS, PAUL W. REEDER died on the 1st day of October, 1998, a resident of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, survived by his wife, BEVERLY JANE REEDER (nee GIRTON) and three (3) children, namely: CHERI LYNN SNYDER, PAUL W. REEDER, JR. and ROBERT M. REEDER, and ten (10) grandchildren; and

WHEREAS, PAUL W. REEDER was a lifelong resident of Lycoming County having been born to OSCAR L. REEDER and MARY A. EISENMENGER REEDER on February 23, 1926 in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania; thereafter in 1929 moved to East Third Street in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and upon his mother's death in 1941, had moved with his father and his surviving sister, Lenore, to a farm near Warrensville, Pennsylvania.

PAUL graduated from the Williamsport High School in 1943 and after attending Pennsylvania State College, commenced service in the United States Air Force at age 17 as an Aviation Cadet. Thereafter, he was ordered to active duty and served in the Air Force for the balance of World War II.

At the end of World War II, PAUL returned to his home in Warrensville, Pennsylvania and on April 21, 1946, married BEVERLY JANE GIRTON.

PAUL graduated from Lycoming College in 1947; and even prior to that time, he had committed himself to become a lawyer associated with the law firm in Williamsport then known as McCormick, Herdic & Furst, now known, as the McCormick Law Firm.

During the final years of PAUL'S attendance at Lycoming College, as well as during his years at the Dickinson School of Law, he worked in the evenings and during the summer at the law firm to help pay for his educational expenses.

PAUL graduated from the Dickinson School of Law in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 1950 and returned to Williamsport, Pennsylvania to complete his clerkship at McCormick, Herdic & Furst under the guidance of Seth McCormick Lynn. He commenced his legal practice in November of 1950 and continued in full time legal practice until 1995, a period of forty-five (45) years as an associate and then partner with what is now known as the McCormick Law Firm.

PAUL was therefore, truly a son of the McCormick Law Firm, having been trained at said firm during his early years and even before law school. Certainly the firm influenced PAUL'S life and professional career, but his association with the McCormick Law Firm also made an indelible mark on the firm.

During PAUL'S tenure as an attorney with the McCormick Law Firm and its predecessors, he developed skills beyond the general practice of law to include labor relations and also served as District Attorney for Lycoming County.

During the mid-1950's when PAUL was turning his interest to labor relations, almost all of the industrial and service firms in our County were family-owned and. many were union organized. This proved to be a fertile field for his practice of labor law and he remained predominantly involved with that area of law until his retirement in 1995.

In the 1970's with the intercession of legislation, a new field of labor law opened for him known as the "right to collectively bargain" law for teachers and other employees of school districts. At that time, PAUL became engaged as labor counsel for the Williamsport Area School District and other local school districts in Lycoming County and Sullivan County. PAUL also served as Solicitor for Lycoming County for a period of ten (10) years until 1995.

WHEREAS, PAUL W. REEDER also offered his time and talents as a volunteer for many public endeavors, including Director of the Civil Defense System for Williamsport, Pennsylvania commencing in 1956. This organization at that time was considered a vital defense for the City of Williamsport during the "Cold War" responsible for preparation to respond to nuclear attacks. In addition, the Williamsport Civil Defense was charged with the responsibility of educating and training the general public in the effects of nuclear war. The organization grew under PAUL'S leadership from approximately twenty-four (24) members to a group ultimately numbering over one thousand (1,000) people.

PAUL was responsible, together with several others, for the organization of Susquehanna Legal Services, having served on its initial Board and as its President. As most people gathered here recognize, this organization has become a vital segment for the delivery of legal services in our County as well as our surrounding Counties. PAUL was also Director of the Visiting Nurses Association and Lycoming County Crippled Children's Society as well as offering his services as an attorney to Millionaire's Row, Inc., a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation that restored the exterior of Peter Herdic's home on West Fourth Street. He was also President of said corporation for several years.

PAUL was a member and former President of the Lycoming Law Association, was admitted to practice in the Lycoming County Court System, together with the Commonwealth Court, Superior Court, and Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. In addition, he was admitted to practice before the Federal District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of the United States.

WHEREAS, PAUL W. REEDER was an avid outdoorsman enjoying hunting and fishing practically to the exclusion of all other recreational activities. He was a member and Director of the Lycoming County Consolidated Sportsmen. PAUL had at this time of year, for many years, traveled to Canada to fish for salmon in the Miramachi River, Fortunately, PAUL was able to continue that annual event this fall as he fished the Miramachi during the week of September 21, 1998.

WHEREAS, PAUL was also active at his Church having sang in its Chancel Choir and served on the Administrative Board of the First Evangelical United Methodist Church in Williamsport. He also taught Sunday School at his Church and served as Assistant Superintendent of the Church School, as well as on its Board of Trustees, including a term as President.

WHEREAS, to those who knew PAUL well, he will be remembered most as a husband who demonstrated unmatched love and dedication to his wife; as a loving father of three wonderful children; as a valuable resource for Lycoming County who demonstrated a broad and impressive performance of service to his clients and to the people of Lycoming County as a volunteer; as an associate and partner of the McCormick Law Firm and its predecessors for over forty-nine (49) years. In all of these activities, he represented the highest standards of ethical conduct that benefited the Lycoming County Bar generally; and

WHEREAS, above all these things, PAUL was a genuine friend of everyone he knew; he was never burdened with any personality scars, but was instead honest, direct and forthright in all his dealings.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we, the undersigned, joined in by the Lycoming County Bar, do hereby recognize the passing of PAUL W. REEDER, ESQUIRE and in said death, we shall remember his many contributions to our County.

RESOLVED FURTHER, that these Resolutions and statements be spread at length upon the Minutes of Your Honorable Court with copies thereof sent to PAUL'S widow, children and sister, and be published in the Lycoming Reporter.

RESOLVED FINALLY, that this Court and the Lycoming Bar do hereby extend to PAUL W. REEDER'S widow, children, grandchildren and sister our deep and heartfelt expression of sympathy.


William E. Nichols, Esquire, Chairman
David R. Bahl, Esquire
John P. Campana, Esquire
William L. Knecht, Esquire
Robert C. Wise, Esquire