PFA Email Group

To  Attorneys who perform PFA work:

I have created an email grouping of attorneys who do PFA work as way to get information out to all of you concerning PFA practice.  I will use this list to update you on changes in the statute and the law as well as changes in our local practice.  I also intend to use this list to get information to you concerning domestic violence and your domestic violence clients.  I know that many of you do this work pro bono and may only handle a PFA every few months.  My hope is to make it easier for you by keeping you updated on the law and keep you informed with helpful information.  Anything that is sent out through this list will come through me.  It is not my intent to overload you with emails.  I will only send out information that I feel may be informative to your PFA practice.

If you wish to be part of this list, please email Jerri at and she will add you to the list. 

Joy Reynolds McCoy