Lycoming Law Association Committees

The work of the Lycoming Law Association is performed by its members, through its committees. Committee membership is generally open to any member of the Association, who is in good standing. Joining a committee is easy - simply click on the "Join a Committee" button, at the top of the page. Read more about each committee below.

Governance Committees

  • Executive Committee - The day to day operations of the LLA are under the control of the Executive Committee. The officers and four at-large members are elected by the members every year to serve on this committee. The Executive Director serves under the direct control of this committee. The Lycoming Reporter Editor sits on the committee.
  • Nominating Committee - Selected every year by the LLA president to nominate candidates for the executive committee and the board of the Lycoming Law Association Foundation.
  • Finance Committee - The president, president-elect, treasurer, Lycoming Reporter editor and executive director serve as the finance committee. The primary function of this committee is budgeting.

Court Relations

  • Bench Bar - Composed of members of the Lycoming County bench and representative members of the bar. The Bench Bar Committee meets quarterly in an effort to encourage a good working relationship between the court and the bar, and to discuss issues of concern to both.
  • Customs and Rules - Meets when necessary to consider new or to revise local rules of court or local customs. The work of the committee may encompass minor changes to a rule to a complete re-write of a particular body of local rules.

Community Relations

  • Community Activities and Outreach - This committee works hand-in-hand with the Lycoming Law Association Foundation to vet grant requests and to propose worthy uses for Foundation funds. The Committee meets quarterly.
  • Law Day - The Law Day Committee plans and implements the annual Law Day (May 1) celebration. In recent years the focus has been on a school art and essay contest.
  • Legal Services for the Indigent - Determines the annual winner of the Thomas Wood, Jr., Equal Access to Justice Award as well as those to be recognized for pro bono work during the year.
  • Fee Dispute - The committee investigates fee complaints related to local attorneys that are referred to the LLA. Voluntary mediation is offered to the disputants under rules implemented by the LLA.
  • Mock Trial - Encourages local school participation in the state Mock Trial program and secures volunteer judges and jurors to conduct local mock trial competitions.
  • Public Relations - Implements and oversees a public relations program for the LLA, including newspaper, website and social media coverage of LLA events and members.

Member Services

  • Bar History - The Bar History Committee is responsible for LLA publications that document the history of the Association. The 150th anniversary has resulted in an increased number of responsibilities for the committee, all related to the preservation of LLA history.
  • Technology and Website - Ths committee oversees the® website and evaluates and recommends technology and equipment for purchase and use of the Association.
  • Education - Continuing Legal Education is the role of this committee as it attempts to provide the members of the Lycoming Law Association with the opportunity to obtain most, if not all, of their required CLE credits in Lycoming County. 
  • Social - Plans and conducts social gatherings and excursions for the members of the LLA and their families, including the annual picnic, Knoebels Gorve excursion, Quizzo, happy hours and receptions and kayaking.
  • Young Lawyers Division - All members of the LLA age 40 and under are automatically members. This group provides social and professional guidance to young lawyers as well as offering opportunities to server the community and the Association.

Substantive Law

  • Criminal Law - This committee has bi-monthly meetings with criminal division judges, district attorney office staff and members of the criminal bar to discuss issues of concern in the handling of criminal cases.
  • Civil Law - Members of the Lycoming County civil bar meet quarterly with judges in the civil division to address issues of concern to civil practice lawyers.
  • Family Law - Meets bi-monthly with the family court judge to discuss family law related topics.
  • Estate, Probate and Elder Law - This committee meets occasionally to discuss issues of interest to those who practice in the elder and estate law areas. Topics may include subjects such as new legislation on guardianships and recently revised Orphans' Court Rules. The committee partnered with the Customs and Rules Committee to re-write the local Orphans' Court Rules.
  • Real Estate - The committee meets occasionally to discuss issues of interest to the real estate practice generally.