Lycoming County Court Forms



Family Court - Custody/Divorce

  • Legal Services self help custody packets.
    • Custody Complaint Packet (PDF) (Word) (Revised 11/2022)
    • Custody Modification Packet (PDF) (Word) (Revised 5/2018)
    • Custody Contempt Packet (PDF) (Word) (Revised 5/2018)
    • Custody Relocation Kit (PDF) (Word) (NEW 7/2018)
    • Lycoming County Stipulation as to Custody/modification Self-help Kit (PDF) (WORD) (Revised 5/2018)
    • Appearance form (PDF) (WORD) (Revised 1/2018)
    • Special Custody Relief Self-help Kit (PDF) (Word) (Revised 5/2019)
    • Intervention in a Custody Self-help Packet (PDF) (Word) (Revised 7/2018)
    • Lycoming County Standing: Who Can File for Custody? Information Kit (PDF) (Word) (Revised 7/2018)
  • Court approved forms for use in family court.
    • Entry of Appearance for self-represented parties in Domestic Relations matters (Word) (PDF) [Revised 12/28/2016]
    • Custody Pre-Trial Conference Orders (Word) (PDF)[Revised 12/28/2016]
    • Custody Standard Order  (Word) (PDF)[Revised 10/28/2018]
    • Custody Pre-Trial Memo (PDF) (Word)
    • Equitable Distribution Scheduling Order (Word) (PDF)
    • Equitable Distribution Scheduling Stipulation  (Word) (PDF)
    • Protection from Abuse Cover Sheet - Scheduling Order for Motion to Terminate or Modify PFA Order (Word) (PDF) [Added 8/13/2013]
    • Protection from Abuse Motion to Terminate or Modify PFA Order (Word) (PDF) [Revised 12/28/2016]
    • Order of Non-Compliance


  • Continuance form (Revised 1/13/2021)  [PDF] [WORD]
  • Appearance and waiver of arraignment (Revised 8/1/2018) [PDF] [WORD]
  • Underage Drinking Court Application (Revised 8/13/2017)[PDF] [WORD]
  • Nebbia status/hearings form order (9/28/2015) [PDF] [WORD]

Orphan's Court

  • Motion cover sheet (Revised 3/3/2016) [PDF] [WORD]
  • Continuance form (Issued 1/13/2021)  [PDF] [WORD]
  • Marriage Record Correction Self-Help Kit [PDF]

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