Lycoming County Courts: Administrative Guidelines & Orders

Fee Increase for Court Appointed Guardians of Medicaid Recipient Incapacitated Persons Fee Increase for Court Appointed Guardians of Medicaid Recipient Incapacitated Persons
Effective January 1, 2023, all currently serving Lycoming County court-appointed professional guardians who had previously been court authorized to receive monthly monetary compensation from Medicaid in Lycoming County guardianship cases are now authorized to receive $300.00 per month from Medicaid
Possession and Use of Cell Phones in Court FacilitiesPossession and Use of Cell Phones in Court Facilities
Court's Administrative Order dated August 6, 2018, with regard to the possession and use of cell phones and other electronic devices in court facilities is hereby AMENDED to permit the photographing of case records in the Offices of the Prothonotary/Clerk of Courts, Clerk of Orphans' Court, and Magisterial District Courts.
Resentencing on Probation ViolationsResentencing on Probation Violations
Order issue to clarify the Court's position with respect to violations of probation. in order to provide uniformity to the parties and, to protect the rights of those individuals on supervision
Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program Administrative OrderMortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program Administrative Order
December 11, 2019 - The Court's August 6, 2013 Administrative Order, as amended by the Court's December 20, 2018 Administrative Order, which established and then amended the tenets and requirements of the Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program, is further AMENDED. The required forms are found in the court forms section of this site.
Domestic Relations PleadingsDomestic Relations Pleadings
2019 - January 1 - The Lycoming County Domestic Relations Section shall be the filing office for pleadings and documents for child support, spousal support, and alimony pendente lite actions.
Filing Reports of GuardianFiling Reports of Guardian
2018 - December 20 - Order implementing new filing requirements.
Lycoming County Court Service Animal PolicyLycoming County Court Service Animal Policy
2018 - November 18 - Policy of the Lycoming County Court of Common Pleas relating to use of a service animal in court proceedings and in the courthouse.
New Video Conference ProcedureNew Video Conference Procedure
2015 - August 27 - Video conferencing procedures and forms.
Authorization of Release with Corporate Surety or Bail BondsmenAuthorization of Release with Corporate Surety or Bail Bondsmen
2015 - May 5 - Authorization of Release with Corporate Surety or Bail Bondsmen.
Court Dress CodeCourt Dress Code
2015 - March 24 - Implementing Lycoming County Court of Common Pleas Dress Code.
Cell Phone MemoCell Phone Memo
2014 - December 1 - Implementation of attorney cell phone and screening rules, and photo identification procedure. Application.
Domestic Relations Office Enforcement of Alimony or APLDomestic Relations Office Enforcement of Alimony or APL
2014 - April 4 - Domestic Relations Office enforcement of alimony or APL.
Criminal Case Processing ProceduresCriminal Case Processing Procedures
2013 - September 9 - Criminal Case Processing Procedures.
Custody Trial Scheduling ProcedureCustody Trial Scheduling Procedure
2012 - August 3 - Custody trial scheduling procedure.
PFA Final Orders & Men Against Abuse ProgramPFA Final Orders & Men Against Abuse Program
2011 - October 22 - New procedure implemented with regard to protection from abuse orders and the Men Against Abuse Program.
Equitable Distribution Pre-Trials before the CourtEquitable Distribution Pre-Trials before the Court
2010 - October 18 - Court memorandum concerning preparation of counsel for equitable distribution pre-trial conferences.
Underage Drinking CourtUnderage Drinking Court
2010 - August 20 - Judge Lovecchio details the process for seeking and gaining admission to the Underage Drinking Court.
Transportation Orders ProtocolTransportation Orders Protocol
2010 - June 30 - Prisoner transportation order protocol revised.
Scheduling in Front of MastersScheduling in Front of Masters
2009 - January 30 - Order relating to assignment of family law matters to masters.
Attorney Donated Arbitration FeesAttorney Donated Arbitration Fees
2005 - December 14 - Order implementing LLA Foundation program for accepting attorney donated arbitration fees.
DUI Treatment CourtDUI Treatment Court
2005 - February 7 - DUI Treatment Court.