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DISCLAIMER - The opinions posted on this site are submitted directly by the Lycoming County Court of Common Pleas. All opinions submitted by the court are posted in the form received, and the Lycoming Law Association is not responsible for the content of any opinion or the decision to post any opinion, as all opinions received from the court are posted without editing or otherwise altering their content.  Any concerns regarding a posted opinion should be directed to the Judge who issued the opinion as the Association will not alter or remove an opinion without court direction.

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next Commonwealth vs. Castro  (03.20.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Second suppression motion; timeliness; waiver; interests of justice; fairness of delay in trial to victim; obviousness of the merits of the motion.  (Castro032018L)  (Posted: 03.20.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Miller  (03.20.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Motion for modification of sentence; unauthorized restitution order; responsibility for damage to property caused during execution of search warrant where no crimes charged due to the search.  (Miller032018bt)  (Posted: 03.20.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Beiler  (03.15.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Habeas corpus petition; duty to provide veterinary care to pet dog; prima facie evidence; clear and unambiguous statutory language; criminal liability through an omission; failure to provide necessary veterinary care causing continued substantial pain.  (Beiler031518L)  (Posted: 03.15.2018)

next American Express Centurion Bank vs. Twigg  (03.07.2018Judge Eric R. Linhardt
Civil:   Non-jury trial verdict; credit card debt; credibility of dispute to amount owed..  (twigg030718Lh)  (Posted: 03.08.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Schaeffer  (03.07.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Motion in limine to preclude admissibility of compounds allegedly found in defendant’s blood; required minimum levels of drug for prosecution for driving under the influence; statutory interpretation; drug for which Department of Health has not prescribed minimum levels; construction of the word "shall".  (schaeffer030718L)  (Posted: 03.07.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Styers  (03.07.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Post-conviction relief act petition; timeliness of petition; jurisdiction of the court; retroactive application of Supreme Court authority; timeliness of claim based on new case authority.  (Styers030718L)  (Posted: 03.07.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Lawrence  (03.06.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Suppression motion; search of a home; consent of owner of house; existence of landlord tenant relationship; expectation of privacy after property abandoned; rights of a trespasser.  (Lawrence030618L)  (Posted: 03.06.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Brown  (03.06.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Consolidation motion; evidence of each of the offenses admissible in separate trial for the other; common scheme or plan; prejudice; inability to distinguish one offense versus the other; risk of confusing the jury.  (Brown030618L)  (Posted: 03.06.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Popkin  (03.05.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Motion for hearing on ex parte order; rule 586 settlement; attempt by Commonwealth to amend settlement amount after court approval of the settlement; applicability of restitution statute; calculation of victim's loss for purposes of rule 586 settlement.  (popkin030518L)  (Posted: 03.05.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Adkins  (03.01.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Dismissal motion ; rule 600; due diligence to find defendant; NCIC searches; defendant who could not be apprehended du to unknown whereabouts; police testimony about typical procedures to serve warrant rather than about actual attmepts.  (Adkins030118L)  (Posted: 03.05.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Indivero  (03.01.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Suppression motion; late filing; prejudice to the Commonwealth; reasonable suspicion or probable cause to stop vehicle; erratic driving; reasonable suspicion for field sobriety tests; warrantless blood test; claimed use of deceit, misrepresentation, or coercion in obtaining consent for the blood draw and testing; discovery request of information equally accessible to the defense as it is the Commonwealth; violation of 2 hour rule.  (Indivero030118bt)  (Posted: 03.01.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Gehr  (02.28.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; knowing, intelligent and voluntary waiver of preliminary hearing; ineffectiveness in connection with entry of guilty plea; buyer’s remorse; challenge to guilty plea by asserting his lies under oath; knowing, intelligent and voluntary guilty plea.  (Gehr022818L)  (Posted: 02.28.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Willits  (02.27.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Nunc pro tunc suppression motion; timeliness; interests of justice; facts learned only after the disclosure of discovery; arguable merit of suppression issue.  (willits022718L)  (Posted: 02.27.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Haddix  (02.13.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; of ineffective assistance of counsel claim; failure to call specialist for sentencing hearing; ex post facto application of sentencing enhancement.  (Haddix021318bt)  (Posted: 03.01.2018)

next Commonwealth vs.McHenry  (02.08.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act; SORNA conviction; timeliness of filing; sentence being served under constitutionally defective statute.  (McHenry020818bt)  (Posted: 02.09.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Hunter  (02.08.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Appeal.  (Hunter020818L)  (Posted: 02.08.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Wooten  (02.06.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Suppression motion; reasonable suspicion to perform field sobriety tests; totality of circumstances establishing DUI; consent to blood draw with revised form DL26B.  (Wooten020618bt)  (Posted: 02.11.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Whiteman  (02.06.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; revocation of state intermediate punishment; timeliness; challenge to the legality of a sentence; jurisdiction of the court.  (Whiteman020618bt)  (Posted: 02.11.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Finzell  (02.05.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Suppression motion; probable cause for vehicle stop; reasonable suspicion and a stated investigatory purpose for stopping vehicle; reasonable suspicion to perform field sobriety test with the smell of alcohol and report of a bar fight; validity of consent to blood draw.  (Finzel020518bt)  (Posted: 02.05.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Geiger  (02.05.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; defendant no longer serving a sentence; eligibility for relief.  (Geiger020518bt)  (Posted: 02.05.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Dishong  (02.02.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Commonwealth appeal; retroactive application of SORNA; applicability of binding appellate precedent; frivolous appeal.  (Dishong020218L)  (Posted: 02.03.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Miller  (02.01.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; claim of actual innocence; timeliness.  (Miller020118bt)  (Posted: 02.01.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Neidigh  (02.01.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; ineffective assistance of counsel; unlawfully induced guilty plea; knowing, voluntary, and intelligent guilty plea; eligibility for state intermediate punishment program for conviction for drug trafficking; challenge to the discretionary aspects of negotiated sentence.  (Neidigh020118bt)  (Posted: 02.01.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Boatman  (01.31.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; claimed ineffective assistance of counsel; unlawfully induced guilty plea; knowing, voluntary, and intelligent guilty plea; relief claimed under Alleyne where defendant not sentenced under mandatory minimum sentence statute; challenge to the discretionary aspects sentence; prejudice.  (Boatman013118bt)  (Posted: 02.01.2018)

next In the interest of VMS  (01.31.2018Judge Joy Reynolds McCoy
Criminal:   Juvenile adjudication; aggravated assault charge; kick in anger to sensitive area of officer's body as showing attempt to cause bodily injury; disorderly conduct charge where no public disturbance is caused or risked; resisting arrest charge where defendant was not to be arrested, but where she fights off officers who were attempting to restrain her.  (vms013118m)  (Posted: 02.01.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Burkins  (01.29.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Suppression motion; probable cause for traffic stop; personal observation of traffic violation; failure to stop at second of confusing set of flashing red traffic signals.  (Burkins012918bt)  (Posted: 01.29.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Faison  (01.29.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Adoption:   Post-conviction relief act petition; ineffective counsel; failure to present exculpatory evidence at trial; probabitive value of GPS location evidence, where evidence at trial was obtained in a reasonable suspicion detention; suppression motion for material and intentional false statements in affidavit of probable cause; waiver of previously litigated issues; failure to call confidential informant to testify that defendant was not present for drug transaction.  (Faison012917bt)  (Posted: 01.29.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Smith  (01.29.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Commonwealth appeal of finding that SORNA violated constitutional ex post facto clauses.  (Smith012918L)  (Posted: 01.29.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Sailor  (01.26.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Motion to withdraw as counsel; financial eligibility for public defender; interests of justice in compelling public defender to represent a party; means to pay for necessary experts; lack of alternate counsel; waste of judicial time and resources.  (Sailor01262018)  (Posted: 01.29.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Person  (01.24.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Commonwealth appeal of decision to vacate conviction for violation of sexual offender registration requirements; constitutionality of obligation to register under SORNA; ex post facto law.  (Person012418L)  (Posted: 01.24.2018)