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DISCLAIMER - The opinions posted on this site are submitted directly by the Lycoming County Court of Common Pleas. All opinions submitted by the court are posted in the form received, and the Lycoming Law Association is not responsible for the content of any opinion or the decision to post any opinion, as all opinions received from the court are posted without editing or otherwise altering their content.  Any concerns regarding a posted opinion should be directed to the Judge who issued the opinion as the Association will not alter or remove an opinion without court direction.

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next Commonwealth vs. Sims  (05.18.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Consolidation motion; judicial economy; common plan, scheme or design and to prove the identity of defendant as perpetrator; related deliveries of drugs; evidence capable of separation; prejudice; danger of cumulating evidence.  (sims051818L)  (Posted: 05.17.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Kellam  (05.16.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Civil:   Reconsideration of sentence; correctness of offense gravity score; Commonwealth's motion to amend sentence; failure to apply enhancement for possession of a deadly weapon.  (Kellam051618L)  (Posted: 05.16.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Bair  (05.16.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Severance motion; prosecution for multiple burglaries; prejudice or confusion; judicial economy.  (bair051618L)  (Posted: 05.16.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Young  (05.16.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Suppression motion; protective sweep of home during execution of arrest warrant; specific facts to justify a reasonable fear for safety of arresting officer.  (young051618L)  (Posted: 05.16.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Miller  (05.16.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; timeliness; jurisdiction of the court .  (Miller051618bt)  (Posted: 05.16.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Long  (05.15.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Reconsideration motion regarding rejection of plea agreement; DUI second offense; acceptance of ARD as prior offense; plea agreement binding the court; obligation of the court to follow the law and impose mandatory sentence even though no party objects to a lower sentence.  (long051518L)  (Posted: 05.15.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Shaffer  (05.15.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Post sentence motion; sexual offenses involving a child; sentencing factors factors including nature and circumstances of offenses, defendant’s history and characteristics, the court’s observations, pre-sentence report, guidelines and other relevant information; lack of interest in rehabilitation; risk of re-offense; sentencing discretion; use of witness to authenticate statement made to another party; business record; use of unacknowledged statement for cross examination; evidence of reputation around children.  (Shaffer051518L)  (Posted: 05.15.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Scott  (05.04.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Suppression motion; knowing and voluntary waiver of right to remain silent; conditions free of coercion; factors to determine voluntariness of consent for search.  (Scott050418bt)  (Posted: 05.05.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Harry  (05.04.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Habeas corpus petition; prima facie case of criminal use of a communication facility; constructive possession; totality of circumstances; authentication of text messages; suppression motion; manner of driving through high crime neighborhood; consented to encounter with police; cash discovered during pat down search that was not determined to be contraband.  (Adrian5418bt)  (Posted: 05.05.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Jones  (05.03.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Suppression motion; search of residence; expectation of privacy in place searched.  (jones050318L)  (Posted: 05.03.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Moore  (04.30.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; ineffective assistance of counsel; advising of appeal rights; factual determination.  (Moore043018bt)  (Posted: 04.30.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Mitchell  (04.27.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Motion to preclude testimony at sentencing; voluntary manslaughter conviction; proof of other causes for accident; consideration of nature and circumstances of offense at sentencing; weight of evidence.  (Mitchell042718L)  (Posted: 04.27.2018)

next Commonwealth vs.Gardner  (04.27.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; ineffective counsel; failing to request a cautionary instruction for the use of visual aid during closing argument; issue litigated on direct appeal; cautionary instruction resulting in different outcome; prejudice.  (Gardner42718bt)  (Posted: 04.27.2018)

next KWT Adoption  (04.24.2018Judge Joy Reynolds McCoy
Adoption:   Petition for involuntary termination of parental rights; non-appearance of defendant; settled purpose of relinquishing parental claim; failure to perform parental duties for at least the six months preceding the filing of the petition; no existing bond.  (AdoptionofKWT42418m)  (Posted: 04.25.2018)

next Smith vs. Montoursville Area School District  (04.24.2018Judge Eric R. Linhardt
Administrative Appeal:   Motion to dismiss administrative appeal; modification to job title; entitlement to a hearing; property right in a job modification; “reputation” as a protected personal interest.  (smith042418Li)  (Posted: 04.24.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Hamilton  (04.24.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; ineffective counsel; coerced guilty plea; knowing, voluntary and intelligent plea.  (Hamilton04242018bt)  (Posted: 04.24.2018)

next Erie Insurance Company vs. Howell  (04.23.2018Judge Eric R. Linhardt
Civil:   Motion to preclude expert witnesses and for summary judgment; Frye standard; novel scientific evidence; generally accepted principles and methodology; weight of the expert opinion; expert qualifications; reasonable pretension to specialized knowledge on a subject.  (erie042318Li)  (Posted: 04.24.2018)

next BAR Adoption  (04.20.2018Judge Joy Reynolds McCoy
Adoption:   Petition for involuntary termination of parental rights; non-appearance of defendant; settled purpose of relinquishing parental claim; failure to perform parental duties for at least the six months preceding the filing of the petition; definition of parental duties; effect of termination on the child’s needs and welfare; no existing bond..  (AdoptionofBR042018m)  (Posted: 04.24.2018)

next Americredit Financial Services, Inc. vs. Starr  (04.18.2018Judge Eric R. Linhardt
Civil:   Non-jury trial; installment contract claim; Guaranteed Asset Protection addendum; reliance on policy exclusion; burden of to prove applicability of insurance exclusion; violation of the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law; evidence of fraudulent or deceptive conduct.  (AmeriCredit041818LN)  (Posted: 04.18.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Sanders  (04.17.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Consolidation motion; multiple sales of heroin; similarity of cases so that they tend to show a common scheme; cases tend to establish identity of perpetrator; danger of confusion; possibility of prejudice and injustice; severance of person not to possess a firearm charges.  (Sanders041718bt)  (Posted: 04.21.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Turner  (04.13.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Suppression motion; vehicle stop; seizure of blood; search warrant; validity of consent; failure to advise of his constitutional right to counsel or right to remain silent when consent requested.  (Turner041318bt)  (Posted: 04.13.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Noltee  (04.11.2018Judge Dudley N. Anderson
Criminal:   Appeal; sufficiency of evidence of actual physical control of vehicle; mere presence in vehicle in state of intoxication; totality of circumstances.  (noltee041118a)  (Posted: 04.11.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Jackson  (04.06.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Habeas corpus petition; timeliness; prima facie case; reliance on hearsay evidence alone; circumstantial evidence of a crime.  (Jackson040618bt)  (Posted: 04.07.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Riera  (04.05.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Post-conviction relief act petition; ineffective trial counsel; failure to call gun expert, where no issue to be addressed by expert was identified; evidence of defendant's reputation for truthfulness and as a law abiding person where no witnesses could be found; introducing prior consistent statement where credibility not challenged; failure to tell defendant he would testify at trial or to pursue specific lines of questioning; previously litigated issues; evidenciary hearing to determine factual disputes.  (RIERA040518bt)  (Posted: 04.05.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Jones  (04.05.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Habeas corpus petition; prima facie case; evidence of possession of gun or drugs; constructive possessession; totality of circumstances; circumstantial evidence.  (Jones040518bt)  (Posted: 04.05.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Stackhouse  (04.05.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Appeal; waiver of right to final probation violation hearing where offense was admitted at preliminary hearing; resentencing to prison where there were numerous violations of probation and county-level efforts at rehabilitation had been exhausted.  (stackhouse040518Bt)  (Posted: 04.05.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Matlosz  (04.04.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Discovery motion; victim’s juvenile delinquency records; attacking credibility of victim; reasonable probability that discovery would lead to evidence that would exonerate defendant; information reported after juvenile proceedings concluded; defendant implecated in post-adjudication counselling session.  (Matlosz040418L)  (Posted: 04.04.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Hall  (03.28.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Timeliness of suppression motion; interests of justice; significant delay without good reason; meritorious issues; privacy interest in vehicle; waiver of habeas corpus challenge to sufficiency of evidence by filing boilerplate motion.  (Hall032818L)  (Posted: 03.28.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Crippen  (03.26.2018Judge Nancy L. Butts
Criminal:   Rule 600 motion for release on nominal bail; excludable time .  (Crippen032618bt)  (Posted: 03.28.2018)

next Commonwealth vs. Schenck  (03.23.2018Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
Criminal:   Post conviction relief act petition; ineffective counsel; inconsistencies in witness's testimony; relevant cross examination; lack of prejudice.  (Schenck032318L)  (Posted: 03.25.2018)