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May 4, 2015


Present were: Judge Gray, Judge McCoy, Jennifer Ayers, Aaron Biichle, Richard Callahan, Robert Cronin, Michele Frey, Bradley Hillman, Skip Greevy, John Person, Joseph Rider, Clifford Rieders, Jeffrey Rowe, Thomas Waffenschmidt, Kevin Way, Mike Wiley, W. Jeffrey Yates, Meghan Young and Ed Mitchell.

Old Business

Access to the Courthouse/Cell Phone Permits

The cell phone pass procedure is in place. Cell phone passes are being issued by the Court Administrator’s office to attorneys upon completion of an application and presentation of photo ID. The cell phone passes are being honored by security personnel at the entrance to the courthouse to allow pass holders to pass through security without further screening. Cell phones are permitted in the courthouse by persons holding and presenting cell phone passes.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has recently decided to permit local courts to establish their own cell phone policies. The Lycoming County cell phone policy remains in effect. This policy prohibits cell phones in the courthouse except by persons presenting a cell phone pass.

Listing of Attorneys on Abstracts of Cases Reported in Lycoming Reporter

Attorneys’ names cannot be listed in the Abstracts of Cases reported in the Lycoming Reporter because attorneys’ names are not listed on all opinions and where they are listed, they are not identified to parties. Attorneys’ identification can be determined by searching the opinions on the Law Association website if the attorneys’ names appear on the opinions. The court will consider listing attorneys’ names on all opinions together with the identity of the parties represented.

New Business

Additional Protections From Abuse

Recent legislation, to become effective July 1, 2015, expands the protections presently available only to persons who have had a “family or household member” relationship with someone from whom they seek protection from abuse. The new categories of protection expand protection from abuse by persons with whom there has not been a previous “family or household member” relationship. The new protections are referred to as SVP (Sexual Violence Protection) and PFI (Protection from Intimidation).

The SVP protection is available to protect persons who are not family or household members from sexual violence which constitutes one of the following crimes: Sexual Offenses, Endangering the Welfare of Children if the offense involves sexual contact with the victim, Corruption of Minors, Sexual Abuse of Children, Unlawful Contact with Minors and Sexual Exploitation of Children

The PFI provides protection from intimidation (harassment or stalking) committed by a person 18 years or older against a person under 18 years where there is no family or householder member relationship between them.

The new legislation is “The Protection of Victims of Sexual Violence and Intimidation (PSVI) Act, 42 Pa.C.S. §62A02 et seq.

Court Calendar for 2016

Although the court calendar for 2016 has not yet been prepared, it is anticipated by the civil trial terms will remain similar and that civil cases will continue to be handled by Judges Anderson and Gray.

Loss of Protection of Retirement Accounts by Inheritance

The United States Supreme Court has recently decided that the protections from execution and bankruptcy applicable to retirement accounts ceases to exist when the retirement accounts become inherited accounts.

Meetings of the Criminal Bar

Monthly meetings of the Criminal Bar are now occurring.

Bar History Committee

The Bar History Committee has recently drafted proposals for conducting of memorial services for deceased members of the Bar. The proposals are available for review from Skip Greevy, Chairman of the Bar History Committee.

The Memorial Service for John C. Gault, Jr.

The memorial service for John C. Gault, Jr. who died October 26, 2014 at age 97 after a career of more than 50 years, will be held May 15, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. in Courtroom #1.

Attendance by Parties at Pretrial Conferences in Equitable Distribution

It is now a requirement for parties to attend pretrial conferences before Masters in equitable distribution matters. Special arrangements for attendance by phone can be obtained by prior approval from the Master.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be August 3, 2015 at noon in the Law Association Conference Room.

Respectfully submitted,

C. Edward Mitchell, Chairman