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Monday, May 2, 2016


Present were: Judge Butts, Judge Anderson, Judge Gray, Judge McCoy, Jennifer Ayers, Brian Bluth, Richard Callahan, Robert Cronin, Robert Elion, Skip Greevy, Ed Mitchell, Jeffrey Rowe, Adrianne Stahl, Mike Wiley, Dave Wilk, Jeff Yates, Meghan Young, Joseph Rider

Old Business

Orphans Court Docket

Judge Butts reported that an Orphans Court Docket has been established.

New Business

Electronic Filing in Prothonotary’s office

A goal of the Prothonotary is to establish electronic filing.

Orphans Court Rules

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has adopted new Orphans Court Rules effective September 1, 2016. Effective on that date, all local rules are vacated except for local rules promulgated under Chapter 14 regarding guardianship of incapacitated persons, Chapter 15 regarding adoptions and Chapter 16 regarding proceedings pursuant to Section 3206 of the Abortion Control Act.

The Orphans Court Division of the several judicial districts may adopt local rules regulating practice and procedure which are not inconsistent with the statewide rules.

The local rules applicable to practice in the civil or trial division of the local court shall not be applicable to the Orphans Court Division unless so directed by the statewide rules or by the court of the particular judicial district in accordance with the statewide rules.

Filings Under Seal

It is up to the individual counsel requesting the filing be permitted under seal to obtain an order of court authorizing the filing under seal and to make certain that the sealing takes place.

An interested party desirous of access to a sealed filing must file an appropriate motion with notice to all interested parties.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 1, 2016.

Respectfully submitted,

C. Edward Mitchell, Chairman