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Monday, July 31, 2017
By C. Edward S. Mitchell, Chairman


Present were: Judge Gray, Judge Lovecchio, Skip Greevy, Brad Hillman, Ed Mitchell, Joe Rider, Wesley Speary, Mike Wiley, David Wilk, Jeff Yates and Michele Frey

Old Business

Notification of Court of Discontinuances and/or Resolutions of Pending Matters:

The court again requested that attorneys notify the assigned Judge of discontinuances of pending actions and resolution of pending matters scheduled for hearing or argument. Copies of filings which result in discontinuances or resolutions should be sent to the assigned Judge in addition to the Prothonotary and the Court Administrator. The court is experiencing wasted time preparing for and sitting idle for matters which have been discontinued or resolved without notification to the court.

Judicial Retirements:

Judge Anderson will retire December 31, 2017. His replacement will be elected during the November election and will assume office in January of 2018.

Judge Gray will retire July 1, 2018. His replacement will be elected in 2019 and assume office in January of 2020.

It is anticipated that Judge Anderson and Judge Gray will become Senior Judges and together with Senior Judge Kenneth Brown will provide judicial resources until there are five active Judges sitting in 2020.

New Business

Court Calendar:

The court calendar for 2018 is being prepared. It is anticipated that there will be the same number of trial terms in 2018 as there are in 2017. There may, however, be additional trial days during each term.

Required Notices by Landlords to Tenants Pertaining to Disposal of Personal Property:

It was reported by Legal Services that Magisterial District Justices may be using outdated forms pertaining to the requirements by landlords to tenants pertaining to disposal of personal property left by tenants after termination of tenancy. It was suggested that Legal Services discuss the problem with President Judge Butts who meets monthly with Magisterial District Justices.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 6, 2017 at noon in the Law Association Executive Offices.

Respectfully submitted,

C. Edward S. Mitchell