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August 16, 2016 - New Family Court Exceptions Practice

Family Bar: New local rules regarding the filing of exceptions in support and ED cases are found here. The rules ares now in effect. Pursuant to the rule you must now attach to your exceptions a copy of the order you are filing exceptions to. Additionally you must attach a L205.2(b)B motion cover sheet. On the cover sheet you must indicate if you are requesting a copy of the transcript from the family court hearing. Exceptions that do not comply with the rule will be non-complied and returned. If you fail to include a cover sheet, it is possible that the exceptions will simply be filed at the Prothonotary and never forwarded to court scheduling which would result in significant delay in getting a hearing scheduled. If you have any questions regarding the new rule, please contact my Law Clerk, Jen Linn.  ~  Judge McCoy

June 9, 2016 - Court Scheduling Office

Effective Thursday, June 9, 2016, Court Scheduling Technician April McDonald’s office will be located in the Court Administration office on the 4th floor next to Deputy Court Administrator Eileen Dgien’s office. Signage will be in place tomorrow morning; however, please direct those with court scheduling questions to the Court Administration office on the 4th floor. Please make note that the fax number has changed to 570-327-2293. The box in the mailroom has also changed to be included with courts/court administration. The telephone number has remained the same.