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of the Bench and Bar of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

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It is our pleasure to present this new volume, briefly listing all living resident members of the Lycoming County Bar, including those who have retired. More extended treatment has been accorded to our judges, whether living or deceased, and to all resident attorneys who have died since 1960.

We are particularly pleased to reissue, under this same cover a facsimile reprint of the late Marshall Reid Anspach’s magnificent volume, Historical Sketches of the Bench and Bar of Lycoming County, 1795—1960, first published in 1961.

Various members of Lycoming County Bar have assisted our committee in the writing of these sketches, most especially the judges, each of whom prepared his own, and Clifford A. Thomas, retired editor of the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, has also been most helpful.

Williamsport, PA.
May 1, 1989

The Bar History Committee

John C. Decker, Chairman
Charles R. Bidelspacher
Charles F. Greevy, III
Charles Leslie Knight
J. Neafie Mitchell
Steven John Moff
Paul W. Reeder
Paul A. Roman
Honorable Thomas Wood
John C. Youngman, Sr.

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