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LLA Member Joins
2015 Leadership Lycoming Class

Jonathan L. DeWald The Leadership Lycoming class of 2015 includes one member of the Lycoming Law Association. Jonathan L. DeWald was selected to participate in the program, and recently attended the opening retreat at the Gray's Run Hunting Club.

The Gray's Run session is an annual event, and features presentations and sessions involving various members of the community and former graduates of the program. Through the year of the program, the class will participate in a series of seminars, and using the community itself for its classroom, the program allows class participants to exchange ideas and information with established leaders and experts from many fields. Future leaders gain first-hand experience about critical issues as they develop the skills necessary to become an effective community leader.

Many other Lycoming County attorneys have graduated from the program. LLA member Bill Carlucci was a presenter at the retreat, on the subject of leadership skills.

DeWald is an associate attorney with McNerney, Page, Vanderlin & Hall, where he has practiced since 2012.