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The Lycoming Law Association and the Lycoming County Paralegal Association are pleased to announce the topics for the . Cash prizes of $75.00 will be awarded to multiple winning entries. There will be a $125.00 cash prize for the Best Essay and Best Art entry.

This year's theme is: ''The Fourteenth Amendment - Transforming American Democracy." The topics for the essays and art projects are as follows:

Essay Contest for Grades K-4 - Write an essay, not to exceed 300 words, on the subject: It is important that all Americans have the same rights under the law. Describe a time when you saw somebody being treated unfairly.

Essay Contest for Grades 5-8 - Write an essay, not to exceed 500 words, on the subject: According to the Fourteenth Amendment, a state government cannot take away a person's life, their freedom or their property or possessions without notice and an opportunity to be heard (due process). Why is due process important?

Essay Contest for Grades 8-12 - Write an essay, not to exceed 1,000 words, on the subject: How has the Fourteenth Amendment provided Americans with equal protection under the law? What areas still need improvement?

Art Contest (All Grades) - Art projects include posters, dioramas, videos, poems, creative writings, etc. Art submissions should not be any larger than 4 feet by 4 feet. Video submissions may not exceed five minutes. Art Contest Theme: The Fourteenth Amendment - Transforming American Democracy.

The following information must be placed on the back of all entries: Student's Name, Grade, Teacher, School and School Telephone Number. All entries are subject to public presentation, display and/or viewing. For additional information, please visit the Facebook page for Lycoming County Law Day.

Deadline: All entries must be submitted to the Lycoming Law Association, 25 West Third Street, Suite 803, Williamsport, by March 31,2017 at 12:00PM. It is preferred that entries be submitted by mail; however, arrangements can be made to personally deliver to the Lycoming Law Association by contacting Michele Frey at 570-323-8287.

Celebration: The winners of the 2017 Law Day Contest will present their essays and art at the Lycoming County Law Day Celebration held on May 5, 2017 at 4:00PM in Courtroom #1.