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Rules of General Court Business
Rules of Civil Procedure

-L76  Definitions
-L205.2  Filing Legal Papers

-L206.4(c)  Rule to Show Cause
-L208.2  Motions. Form. Content
-L208.3  Motions. Procedures. Brief
-L212  Pre-trials and Trial Scheduling

-L216 Continuances
-L220 Jury Size in Civil Trials
-L227.3 Transcript of Testimony
-L230.2  Termination of Inactive Cases
-L250.1 Americans with Disabilities Notice
-L261 Court Administrator
-L300  Dockets
-L400.1(b)  Service of original process
-L411  Action for Support
-L430  Service by Publication
-L440  Use of Prothonotary's Office Mail Box
-L501  Meeting Place
-L502  Substitution After Appointment
-L503  Organization
-L504  Notice of Appointment
-L601  Security for Costs of Non-residents
-L602  Bill of Costs
-L702  Satisfaction of Judgment
-L901  Money Paid into Court
-L902  Appeal as Supersedeas
-L1007  Commencement. Case Scheduling

-L1012  Appearance. Withdrawals
-L1018.1 Notice to Defend
-L1025  Designation of Trial Attorney
-L1028(c)  Preliminary Objections
-L1034(a)  Judgment on the Pleadings
-L1035.2(a)  Motion for Summary Judgment
-L1049  Itemized Statements
-L1066  Entry of Judgment. Advertisement
-L1301  Cases for Submission
-L1302  List of Arbitrators
-L1302.1 Selection of Arbitrators
-L1303  Scheduling of Hearings
-L1304  Arbitrator’s Questions
-L1304.1 Continuances
-L1306  Awards
-L1308  Compensation for Arbitrators
-L1311  Appeals
-L1315  Settlements
-L1910.10   Hearing Procedure
-L1910.12   Exceptions Procedure
-L1910.14   Defendant Leaving Jurisdiction
-L1910.15   Paternity
-L1910.22   Attachment of Wages
-L1915.3  Custody Petitions and Procedure
-L1915.3-1  Initial Conference
-L1915.3-2  Exceptions to Interim Orders
-L1915.3-3  Recommended Orders/Approval
-L1915.7  Settlement
-L1915.8   Examinations and Home Studies
-L1915.10-1  Pre-Trial Conference
-L1915.10-2  Continuances
-L1915.12   Required Certification
-L1915.13-1  Emergency Custody Relief
-L1915.13-2  Emergency Relief. Moving
-L1920.13  Interim Relief.  Family Court
-L1920.16  Bifurcation
-L1920.21  Bill of Particulars. Non pros
-L1920.31  Joinder of Economic Claims
-L1920.32  Joinder of Custody Claims
-L1920.33  Joinder of Property Claims
-L1920.42  Divorce Affidavit and Decree
-L1920.43  Special Relief
-L1920.45  Counseling
-L1920.51  Hearing by Court. Master
-L1920.53  Hearing By Master. Report
-L1920.55  Exception Procedure
-L1920.71  Form of Notice to Defend
-L1930.5  Discovery
-L2039  Minor's Compromise, Settlement
-L2232  Notice of Pendency of Action
-L4005  Interrogatory Limits

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L205.2. Filing Legal Papers with the Prothonotary.

(a) Size of paper. All pleadings, motions, petitions, briefs and other legal documents filed with the Prothonotary shall be on paper size 8 ½ inches by 11 inches, unless otherwise required by rule or order of court. Any document more than three pages in length may be printed on both sides of the paper.

(b) Required cover sheets.

A. Case monitoring notice. This requirement applies to civil actions, statutory appeals and appeals from judgments of magisterial district judges, and any other civil matter requiring court action, except a matter filed under the Domestic Relations Code.

1. An original and one copy of a case monitoring notice shall be filed and served by the plaintiff or appellant:

i. Within ten days after an answer has been filed in a mortgage foreclosure action, a credit card collection case or a forfeiture action,

ii. With the filing of a notice of appeal in an administrative agency appeal, or

iii. With the filing of a complaint in a general civil case.

2. When a case is commenced by a writ of summons, the case monitoring notice shall be filed only with the filing of the complaint and not with the filing of the writ of summons.

3. In the event that no case monitoring notice is filed as required by this rule, any party may file a case monitoring notice.

4. The case monitoring notice shall not exceed one page. If necessary, the caption may be abbreviated to accommodate this requirement.

5. After the case monitoring notice is filed, the procedures set forth in rule L1007 shall apply.

6. The form of the case monitoring notice shall be substantially as follows: [Download in Word or Adobe PDF]


Plaintiff                                         : DOCKET NO:

 vs.                                                : CIVIL ACTION
______________________________     :
I. This matter is:

______ Mortgage Foreclosure (file once an Answer has been filed). Time needed for trial ________.

______ Credit Card Collection Case (file once an Answer has been filed)

a) ____ Arbitration. ($50,000 or less) Time needed for discovery? _____ months
b) ____ Trial. Fast track (6–12 months) _____ Normal track (12–18 months) _____

______ Forfeiture (file once an Answer has been filed)

______ Administrative Agency Appeal (file with Notice of Appeal)

______ General Civil Case (file with Complaint):

a) ____ Arbitration. ($50,000 or less) Time needed for discovery? _____ months
b) ____ Fast track (6–12 months)
c) ____ Normal track (12–18 months)
d) ____ Complex track (18-24 months)

_______ Other. Action requested: ___________________________________________

II. Jury trial demanded? ______YES ______ NO

III. Please note any special scheduling concerns: ______________________________ _________________________________________________________________________

Name of filing counsel or pro se party: ___________________________ for______________________

Opposing counsel or pro se party: _______________________________ for_______________________


B. Motion Cover Sheet. The procedure set forth in this section shall apply to every request for relief and/or application to the court for an order, whether by petition, motion, preliminary objection, exception, or stipulation, that the filing party desires to bring before the court or family court hearing officer, except a motion for a continuance (see rule L216 regarding continuance).

NOTE: The use of this cover sheet is also required in orphans’ court; see, Lyc. Co. O.C.R. L3.4.

1. A cover sheet substantially in the form set forth in subsection 7 of this section shall be attached to the front of every request for a court order to which this rule applies. Any request for relief on the front of which an applicable Pennsylvania Rule of Civil Procedure requires a specific order or notice to be attached shall include that order or notice directly following the cover sheet.

2. The cover sheet shall consist of only one page. Captions may be abbreviated. If additional space is necessary to list counsel and unrepresented parties, a separate sheet may be attached. The filing party or counsel shall be responsible for identifying all parties and others to be given notice or their counsel on the cover sheet. If a party was not served with a copy of the executed cover sheet as a result of an omission of the filing party, the argument or hearing may be rescheduled or, in the discretion of the court, the request for relief may be denied.

3. If a cover sheet is not attached as required by this rule, the court may choose not to act upon the request for relief until an appropriate cover sheet is filed. If the filing party does not attach a cover sheet as required by this rule, a cover sheet, along with a copy of the original motion may be filed by any party, or the court.

4. If expedited consideration by the court is requested or required by statute or rule of procedure, the reason for such consideration shall be set forth on the cover sheet. Such consideration must be requested if the date of the pretrial conference has been set or if the case has already been pre-tried.

5. A proposed order granting the relief requested shall be attached to the cover sheet.

6. The court shall schedule argument, hearing or briefing as the court may require, note the scheduling information on the cover sheet, and issue the scheduling order appearing on the cover sheet. The prothonotary shall docket and promptly forward the completed cover sheet to all parties identified on the cover sheet.

7. The form of the cover sheet shall be substantially as follows: [Download in Word or Adobe PDF]


Caption (may be abbreviated)                 Docket No.
                                                            Case assigned to Judge __________
vs.                                                            □ none
                                                                □ Family Court Hearing Officer

1. Name of filing party:

2. Filing party’s attorney:

3. Type of filing:

4. The following is/are requested:

□ Argument
□ Evidentiary Hearing
□ Court conference
□ Rule to show cause
□ Entry of uncontested order
(attach supporting documentation)
□ Expedited consideration. State the basis: ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________
□ Video conferencing requested. Request form has been submitted. See Lyc. Co. R.G.C.B. L8.
□ Attach this cover sheet to original motion previously filed on:

5. Time required:

6. Names and addresses of all counsel of record and unrepresented parties:

□ Continued on separate sheet.


1. An ___ argument ___ factual hearing ___ court conference is scheduled for at m. in courtroom no. , Lycoming County Courthouse, Williamsport, PA.
2. ____ Briefs are to be filed by the following dates:

Filing party: ____________________________________
Responding party(ies): ____________________________________

3. ____ A rule is issued upon respondent to show cause why the petitioner is not entitled to the relief requested.
4. ____ A response to the motion/petition shall be filed as follows: _____________________________.
5. ____ See order attached. ____ See separate order issued this date.
6.  ____Other_______________________________________________________.

             ___________________________        _________________
                  Judge                                            Date


NOTICE: The parties are directed to confer for the purpose of resolving any issue raised in the motion/petition. If a resolution is reached prior to the scheduled date, the moving party shall immediately notify the court scheduling technician, the judge or hearing officer assigned to hear the matter, and all counsel of record or parties if unrepresented. Such notice may be in writing or by email.