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Landlord/Tenant Mediation Program Established

Posted on October 22nd, 2020 at 7:11 PM
Landlord/Tenant Mediation Program Established

A newly developed Landlord Tenant Mediation program has been launched to bring landlords and tenants together outside of a court setting.  The aim of the program is to prevent evictions, reduce homelessness and provide rental payments and other remedies to landlords. 

The Lycoming Law Association Foundation is overseeing this mediation project, which has been funded by a grant made possible through the CARES Act (Federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act).  This Landlord Tenant Mediation program is designed to be a solutions to the numerous looming evictions in our area.  

The Landlord Tenant Mediation program is now available in Lycoming County.  Mediators are currently available to meet with the parties and help them reach a mutually acceptable resolution for their dispute.  If no agreement is reached, then either party can initiate a court proceeding to resolve the matter.  

If a court proceeding has been filed, the parties can still elect to enter into the Landlord Tenant Mediation program by contacting the court where their case has been filed. 

Funding for this Landlord Tenant Mediation program expires at the end of November, therefore it is crucial that interested landlords and tenants apply for the mediation program as soon as possible. 

To apply for Landlord Tenant Mediation contact 570 220-5136.   There is no charge to qualified participants. 

Additional Information about the program may be found in the brochure, a link to which is found below..