In Memoriam: Richard Hubert Roesgen (1937-97)

Posted on May 2nd, 1997 at 12:00 AM
In Memoriam: Richard Hubert Roesgen (1937-97)

Richard Hubert Roesgen, a member of the Lycoming Law Association, and former president, died on May 2, 1997. A memorial service was held by the Court of Common Pleas of Lycoming County on May 9, 1997.

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In The Court Of Common Pleas Of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania NO: 97-00550

IN RE: Appointment of a Committee to draft Resolution in the death of RICHARD H. ROESGEN, ESQUIRE



The Committee appointed by your Honorable Court to prepare resolutions concerning the death of Richard H. Roesgen, Esquire, reports as follows:

Richard H. Roesgen was born November 7, 1937 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Jacob H. Roesgen and Margaret Sparks Roesgen. Dick departed this life on May 2, 1997.

Surviving are his wife, Cindy Reed Roesgen of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, sons Edward T. Roesgen of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, John M. Roesgen at home and a daughter Katherine A. Roesgen at home, brothers, John F. Roesgen of Danville, California and William L. Roesgen, of Racine, Wisconsin and his sister, Elizabeth M. Roesgen. Rider, of Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Dick graduated from St. Joseph's High School in 1956. Dick attended and graduated from Kings College, Wilkes-Barre in 1959, where he majored in English. Dick graduated from Villanova Law School in 1964. Immediately after graduation, he returned to Williamsport and was admitted to the Lycoming County Bar in 1964, where he maintained an active practice of law from that time on.

That same year, he became associated with the law firm of McNerney Page, where he specialized in real estate and became a partner in 1966. He remained with McNerney Page until 1975, at which time he became a solo practitioner. In 1977, he joined Henry G. Hager III and formed the partnership of Hager and Roesgen.

In 1981 Dick joined Don Larrabee II and the Honorable Kenneth Brown and formed the partnership of Roesgen, Larrabee and Brown. In 1988, after Kenneth Brown was appointed to the bench of Lycoming County and Mr. Douglas Engelman joined the partnership, Dick became senior partner in the firm of Roesgen, Larrabee and Engelman.

In the fall of 1994, Dick again formed a practice as Roesgen and Associates with Richard A. Vanderlin, Pamela L. Shipman and John R. Zurich as associates to his legal practice.

Through the years, Dick developed an active practice in real estate, commercial and corporate law, and an extensive trial practice representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants. During 1987 while President of the Lycoming Law Association, he single handedly initiated and formed the Lycoming Law Association Pro Bono Referral Program in which he remained active in the remainder of his practice. In recognition of his founding of the Lycoming Law Association Pro Bono Referral Program and his continual service to Susquehanna Legal Services, he was selected in 1989 to be the first recipient of the Lycoming Law Association Equal Access To Justice Award.

In addition to being a competent attorney, Dick always found time to be with his family and friends. He was an active member of St. Ann's church, and an avid skier and golfer. He shared all of these activities with his family.

BE IT RESOLVED that through the death of Richard H. Roesgen, Esquire, the Lycoming County Bar has lost an able and capable member who practiced and upheld the highest traditions of the legal profession; the community a contributing and valued citizen and his family a loving husband and father. He will also be missed by his friends and his acquaintances.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Court and its Bar do hereby extend to his wife, his children, brothers, sister and other family, a deep and heartfelt expression of sympathy.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Resolution be spread at length upon the minutes of the Court of Common pleas of Lycoming County and that copies of the same be sent to wife and children.

Respectfully submitted,

Richard A. Vanderlin, Esquire, Chairman
Honorable Kenneth D. Brown
Charles J. McKelvey, Esquire
Don M. Larrabee, II, Esquire
C. Edward Mitchell, Esquire


AND NOW, THIS 9th day of May, 1997, in consideration of the Resolutions presented by the Committee appointed to draft Resolutions in the death of Richard H. Roesgen, Esquire, the said Resolutions are adopted and it is hereby ORDERED and DECREED that the Resolutions herewith submitted and attached be adopted as an official expression of the Lycoming County Bar Association and this Court; and that the same be spread upon the records of the Court; and that copies of this Resolution be delivered to the widow and children of Richard H. Roesgen, Esquire; and it is further ORDERED and DIRECTED that said Resolutions be entered at large and upon the record of the Court, and that it be printed in the Lycoming Reporter.

By The Court,