Pro Bono Awards - 2000

Posted on January 15th, 2001 at 12:00 AM
Pro Bono Awards - 2000

At its 2001 Annual Banquet, the Lycoming Law Association, in cooperation with North Penn Legal Services, recognized those of its membership who have volunteered to provide legal services to the poor. 


In recognition of extraordinary volunteer work that demonstrates outstanding achievement and commitment to Equal Justice for the Poor.

The Law Firm of Mitchell, Mitchell, Gray and Gallagher

When it came to picking this year’s recipient of this award the names of three attorneys in this firm were at the forefront of possible candidates. Upon further discussion it seemed appropriate to honor the entire firm as their service to this program has been outstanding.

Since the inception of the program in 1985 this firm has consistently participated at 100%. We have laughed over the years about the last minute frantic call in December to be sure all members have had their referrals but in all honesty that call is greatly appreciated and demonstrates a commitment to fulfilling a professional responsibility.

For the past 13 years this firm has participated in both the Protection from Abuse Referral Panel and the regular referral program. Gary Weber has the distinction of having handled the largest number of abuses since the inception of the panel, Bret Southard and Daryl Wishard and Ed Mitchell have consistently taken all cases referred to them, and have graciously helped us out when it wasn’t their turn but we were desperate. The firm also has a very helpful contact person so that Susquehanna Legal Service’s dream of just being able to make a phone call, announce that we have a referral and send it on is realized when ever Susquehanna Legal Service’s calls Mitchell, Mitchell.

Bob Gallagher and Rick Gray chose to take miscellaneous civil referrals and over the years these cases have repeatedly turned into major litigation cases. This Year Bob Gallagher recorded in excess of 60 hours in a case that resulted in a client saving her home and in turn being saved from major financial liability. Rick represented a client in a contentious suit involving several legal issues which resulted in litigation and appeal.

Everyone in the 90's and into the 2000's is busy. Members of this firm are as busy as anyone in their profession, but we think it is remarkable that when called upon to help we can’t remember one time when any member of this firm said they were too busy to take a referral. There may have been date conflicts and trials going on but the response has usually been "I’ll see if I can get a continuance, rearrange, get an extension or see if someone else here could take the case." For their commitment to the concept of equal access to Justice for all citizens, the members of the law firm Mitchell, Mitchell, Gray and Gallagher have been selected as the recipients of this years Lycoming Law Association’s Equal Access to Justice Award.


In recognition of outstanding commitment by the attorneys in this firm to Equal Justice for the Poor as demonstrated by 100 percent participation in the Lycoming County Pro Bono Referral Program.

Mitchell, Mitchell, Gray and Gallagher
Gahr and Sholder
Rieders, Travis, Humphrey, Harris, Waters & Waffenschmidt
Elion, Wayne, Grieco, Carlucci, Shipman and Irwin PC
Williams and Smay
Howard Langdon and John Pietrovito
The Law Offices of Joseph Rider (Paul Roman)
Charles F Greevy III Law Offices ( Mark Taylor)
Lester Greevy and Associates
Marc Drier and Denise Dieter
Murphy, Butterfield and Holland
Schemery Zicolello
Campana, Campana and Lovecchio


In recognition of commitment to Equal Justice for the Poor by fair share participation in the Lycoming County Pro Bono Referral Program.

In the year 2000, 96 members of the Lycoming Law association handled 148 referrals from Susquehanna Legal Services. Those cases can further be broken down as 97 cases from the abuse panel and 51 other matters including, bankruptcy, unemployment, mortgage foreclosures and other civil emergencies.

In addition to direct representation, 24 custody clinics were conducted by Susquehanna Legal Services paralegals as well as volunteer paralegals and 111 people attended those clinics. Also, 3 divorce clinics for victims of abuse were conducted by Susquehanna Legal Services paralegals and volunteer paralegals and 11 people attended those clinics. That program is being expanded in 2001 to included several more paralegals and three members of the Law Association who have volunteered to supervise the clinics.

The bankruptcy referral program, instituted by Judge Thomas continues.

The committee plans to meet on a more frequent basis in 2001 and to explore different programs and options that may be developed to include the attorneys whose practices do not easily lend themselves to areas of law in which Susquehanna Legal Services clients need representation.

William H. Askey, Esquire
Warren R. Baldys, Esquire
Carl E. Barlett, Esquire
Patricia L. Bowman, Esquire
Jonathan E. Butterfield, Esquire
Peter Campana, Esquire
William P. Carlucci, Esquire
James Casale, Esquire
David M. Chuprinski, Esquire
Michael H. Collins, Esquire
Vanessa M. Daniele, Esquire
Rhonda L. Davis, Esquire
Denise Dieter, Esquire
Christine Dinges, Esquire
Jeffrey C. Dohrmann, Esquire
Marc Drier, Esquire
Robert B. Elion, Esquire
Douglas Engelman, Esquire
Amy F. Ershler, Esquire
John Felix, Esquire
Richard A. Gahr, Esquire
Robert Gallagher, Esquire
G. Scott Gardner, Esquire
Richard A. Gray, Esquire
Charles F. Greevy, III, Esquire
Lester L. Greevy, JR., Esquire
Anthony J. Grieco, Esquire
Gary T. Harris, Esquire
Dawn Herb, Esquire
Bradley S. Hillman, Esquire
Fred A. Holland, Esquire
John M. Humphrey, Esquire
David K. Irwin, Esquire
Leroy H. Keiler, Esquire
William Knecht, Esquire
Rodney Knier, Esquire
Benjamin E. Landon, Esquire
J. Howard Langdon, Esquire
Michael G. Leonard, Esquire
David Lingenfelter, Esquire
Eric R. Linhardt, Esquire
Marc F. Lovecchio, Esquire
Norman M. Lubin, Esquire
James Malee, Esquire
David W. Marcello, Esquire
Thomas Marshall, Esquire
Daniel Mathers, Esquire
C. Edward S. Mitchell, Esquire
Michael Morrone, Esquire


Joseph R. Musto, Esquire
Andrea J. Myers, Esquire
Layne Oden, Esquire
Annmarie Ottman, Esquire
R. Matthew Patch, Esquire
Julie M. Pentico, Esquire
John P. Pietrovito, Esquire
David C. Raker, Esquire
Thomas C. Raup, Esquire
Robin Read, Esquire
Christopher Reeser, Esquire
Joy Reynolds-McCoy, Esquire
Joseph Rider, Esquire
Clifford A. Rieders, Esquire
Paul A. Roman, Esquire
Sean P. Roman, Esquire
Kyle W. Rude, Esquire
Mary Schemery, Esquire
Richard F. Schluter, Esquire
Katherine R. Shimer, Esquire
David C. Shipman, Esquire
Pamela L. Shipman, Esquire
Stephen C. Sholder, Esquire
Brett J. Southard, Esquire
John A. Smay, Esquire
Karen T. Stapp, Esquire
Charles Szybist, Esquire
Nels Taber, Esquire
Mark L. Taylor, Esquire
Ronald Travis, Esquire
Richard Vanderlin, Esquire
Thomas Waffenschmidt, Esquire
Kristine L. Waltz, Esquire
C. Scott Waters, Esquire
Robert Wayne, Esquire
Gary L. Weber, Esquire
Elliot B. Weiss, Esquire
Randi Wenger-Dincher, Esquire
J. Michael Wiley, Esquire
Scott A. Williams, Esquire
David F. Wilk, Esquire
Darryl R. Wishard, Esquire
Jeffrey W. Yates, Esquire
E. Eugene Yaw, Esquire
Kenneth B. Young, Esquire
John Youngman, Jr., Esquire
Michael Zicolello, Esquire