Pro Bono Awards - 2001

Posted on January 14th, 2002 at 12:00 AM
Pro Bono Awards - 2001

At its 2002 Annual Banquet, the Lycoming Law Association, in cooperation with North Penn Legal Services, recognized those of its membership who have volunteered to provide legal services to the poor. 


In recognition of extraordinary volunteer work that demonstrates outstanding achievement and commitment to Equal Justice for the Poor.

John A. Smay, Esquire

This year’s recipient of the Lycoming Law Association’s Equal Access to Justice award has demonstrated his commitment to the Pro Bono effort on many levels. He has served on the Legal services to the Indigent Committee since its inception offering insight, suggestions and evaluation of and to the referral program.

He has participated in the Pro Bono referral program and received the Fair Share award each year since 1989. In addition to the over 36 abuse cases he has handled through the program he has generously agreed to take on several custody cases as well. This is an extraordinary distinction as it is extremely difficult (nearly impossible ) to secure pro bono representation for custody matters. These cases never seem to close and while several of his referrals have remained open for a numbers of years, several more have flared up from time to time. This year’s recipient has the client check to see if they are still eligible and then continues representation. I am sure that any of you who do or have done custody can imagine that this is truly "above and beyond."

In 2001 a new Pro Bono venture was started, the divorce pro se clinics. Again this year’s recipient stepped up to the plate and volunteered to supervise paralegals in running the clinics. This was offered as an alternative to personal representation but he chose to make it an addition to his serving on the Protection from abuse panel and serving on the Legal services to the Indigent Committee.

Steady wins the race and this attorney has definitely been a steady volunteer whose impact has been tremendous over the long haul. Finally, when the staff member at Legal Services who refers the abuse cases to the private attorneys heard who was this year’s recipient she was thrilled. She said he truly deserves the award! She bases this on the fact that she is usually the one calling the attorneys to take the referrals and as you can imagine that is a very stressful job. Of this year’s recipient she stated, " the only time he passes is if he is going to be on vacation. Otherwise he rearranges his schedule or seeks continuance. I don’t think he has ever refused me in 12 years!!!!!!!!! This year’s recipient of the Lycoming Law Association’s Equal Access to Justice Award is John A. Smay.


In recognition of outstanding commitment by the attorneys in this firm to Equal Justice for the Poor as demonstrated by 100 percent
participation in the Lycoming County Pro Bono Referral Program.

Mitchell, Mitchell, Gray and Gallagher
Rieders, Travis, Humphrey, Harris, Waters & Waffenschmidt
Elion, Wayne, Grieco, Carlucci, Shipman and Irwin PC
The Law Offices of Joseph Rider
Charles F Greevy  III Law Offices
Murphy, Butterfield, and Holland


In recognition of commitment to Equal Justice for the Poor by fair share participation in the Lycoming County Pro Bono Referral Program.

Warren R. Baldys, Esquire
Carl E. Barlett, Esquire
Patricia L. Bowman, Esquire
Jonathan E. Butterfield, Esquire
Peter T. Campana, Esquire
William P. Carlucci, Esquire
Michael J. Casale Jr., Esquire
David M. Chuprinski, Esquire
Jennifer Cole, Esquire
Michael H. Collins, Esquire
Vanessa M. Daniele, Esquire
Rhonda L. Davis, Esquire
Randi W. Dincher, Esquire
Christine Dinges, Esquire
Jeffrey C. Dohrmann, Esquire
Marc S. Drier, Esquire
Robert B. Elion, Esquire
Amy F. Ershler, Esquire
Douglas N. Engelman, Esquire
Garth Everett, Esquire
Peter G. Facey, Esquire
John A. Felix, Esquire
Richard A. Gahr, Esquire
Robert A. Gallagher, Esquire
G. Scott Gardner, Esquire
Richard A. Gray, Esquire
Charles F. Greevy, III, Esquire
Gary T. Harris, Esquire
Dawn Herb, Esquire
Bradley S. Hillman, Esquire
Frederick A. Holland, Esquire
John M. Humphrey, Esquire
David K. Irwin, Esquire
Leroy H. Keiler, Esquire
William L. Knecht, Esquire
Rodney L. Knier, Esquire
Benjamin E. Landon, Esquire
David B. Lingenfelter, Esquire
Eric R. Linhardt, Esquire
Christian Lovecchio, Esquire
Norman M. Lubin, Esquire
David W. Marcello, Esquire


Daniel K. Mathers, Esquire
Joy R. McCoy, Esquire
C. Edward Mitchell, Esquire
Michael C. Morrone, Esquire
Joseph R. Musto, Esquire
Annmarie Ottman, Esquire
Julie M. Pentico, Esquire
John P. Pietrovito, Esquire
David C. Raker, Esquire
Robin A. Read, Esquire
Christopher Reeser, Esquire
Lori Rexroth, Esquire
Joseph L. Rider, Esquire
Clifford A. Rieders, Esquire
Paul A. Roman, Esquire
Sean P. Roman, Esquire
Kyle W. Rude, Esquire
Richard F. Schluter, Esquire
Katherine R. Shimer, Esquire
David C. Shipman, Esquire
Pamela L. Shipman, Esquire
Stephen C. Sholder, Esquire
John A. Smay, Esquire
Karen T. Stapp, Esquire
Gregory A. Stapp, Esquire
Julie Steinbacher, Esquire
Brett J. Southard, Esquire
Nels Taber, Esquire
Mark L. Taylor, Esquire
Ronald C. Travis, Esquire
Richard A. Vanderlin, Esquire
Thomas Waffenschmidt, Esquire
Kristine L. Waltz, Esquire
C. Scott Waters, Esquire
Robert B. Wayne, Esquire
Gary L. Weber, Esquire
J. Michael Wiley, Esquire
David F. Wilk, Esquire
Darryl R. Wishard, Esquire
E. Eugene Yaw, Esquire
Kenneth B. Young, Esquire
Michael J. Zicolello, Esquire
John R. Zurich, Esquire