Lovecchio Receives Golden Crowbar Award

Posted on August 9th, 2021 at 9:04 AM
Lovecchio Receives Golden Crowbar Award

In July, the Pennsylvania Conference of State Trial Judges awarded Judge Marc F. Lovecchio its 2021 Golden Crowbar Award, for "significantly furthering the goal of the judicial system by implementing innovative programs and by alleviating backlogs in the court system." 

When presenting this award, it was specifically noted that Judge Lovecchio has devoted an enormous amount of time to reviewing appellate decisions, staying abreast of changes in the law and providing other state trial judges with a monthly synopsis of updates to the law.  

“I am honored and quite humbled to receive this award. It came as a complete shock,” Judge Lovecchio said.  “My efforts were to keep myself, the other judges and members of the bar abreast as to the most recent developments in the law in order that the aims of justice could best be served. I am sure that there are many jurists throughout the state that go unrecognized for their contributions. I learn from these jurists all the time and thank them. I remain a proud member of the state judiciary and will certainly miss my colleagues upon my retirement.” 

The Golden Crowbar Award is the highest recognition awarded by the Pennsylvania State Trial Judges Association.  The only other judge from Lycoming County to receive the award was Judge Thomas Raup in 1989.