2021 LLA Public Service Awards

Posted on June 2nd, 2022 at 1:58 PM
2021 LLA Public Service Awards

At its 2022 Annual Banquet, June 2, 2022, the Lycoming Law Associationrecognized those of its members who volunteered to provide legal services to the poor in 2021.The presentations were made by Jen Heverly and John Pietrovito.

Lycoming Law Association's Outstanding Law Firm Achievement Awards 2021 were given to the following Lycoming County law firms in recognition of outstanding commitment by the attorneys in this firm to equal justice for the poor as demonstrated by 100 percent participation in the Lycoming County Pro Bono Referral Program:  Protasio & Jasper, P.C.; Rieders, Travis, Humphrey, Walters & Dohrmann; and, Susquehanna Law Group, Inc.

The following Lycoming Law Association members were recognized with 2021 Lycoming Law Association’s Fair Share Awards for their commitment to equal justice for the poor by fair share participation in the Lycoming County Pro Bono Referral Program. This award is given to attorneys who have provided free legal representation to victims of abuse, and others who can’t afford to retain a lawyer:

Jennifer Ayers
William P. Carlucci
Michael H. Collins
Robert Cronin
Jeffrey C. Dohrmann
Bryan Fitzcharles
Sean Gingerich
Matthew F. Golden
Allison Grady
Brandon Griest
Jessica Harlow
Bradley S. Hillman.
John Himes
Trisha Hoover Jasper
Nicole Ippolito
Tiffani M. Kase
Mary Kilgus
Jason Lepley
Angela Lovecchio
Sharon McLaughlin
Corey Mowrey
Allen Page
John Person
John P. Pietrovito
Melody Protasio
Timothy Reitz
Clifford A. Rieders
Kyle Rude
Lindsay Scheller
Patricia A. Shipman
Stephen C. Sholder
John A. Smay
Bret Southard
Gary L. Weber
David F. Wilk
W. Jeffrey Yates