Bar Leaders Plan the Year at Annual Retreat

Posted on February 20th, 2023 at 8:33 PM
Bar Leaders Plan the Year at Annual Retreat

The Lycoming Law Association Executive Committee met on President's Day for its annual planning session for 2023. Led by President Liz White, the committee discussed multiple issues of importance to the local bar. Members Corey Mowrey, Ryan Gardner, Jeana Longo, Marc Drier, Jen Linn, Jonathan DeWald, Chris Kenyon, Gary Weber and Executive Director, Michele Frey participated.

Initially, 2022 was reviewed for strengths and weaknesses. A major concern is the lack of involvement of younger members of the bar within the leadership and committees. An extended discussion was had on the reasons for the limited involvement of new members, and ways by which increased participation can be encouraged. This discussion then evolved into a general concern that committee participation is dwindling, particularly in some of the substantive committees. It was noted that the Bench Bar Committee no longer has the broad range of member backgrounds to allow for more discussion of the substantive areas. Various suggestions were made, including combining some of the features of the Bench Bar and substantive law committees for more robust and useful discussions.

The financial position of the Association was reviewed. Note was made of the stable position of the savings account, and the continued potential that the Reporter income will drop or be reduced by circumstances out of our control. An inquiry was posed about whether the savings could be used for some Association purpose, or whether the balance should be retained as a cushion for future financial distress. The question was left open for future consideration.

The Committee reviewed the member memorial resolution policy and its, at times, seemingly inconsistent implementation. The history of the process was reviewed, and it was noted that variations in application were dependent on president judge preferences, family preferences, and other considerations related to the involvement of the lawyer with the Association. The Committee agreed to continue to follow the guidelines as closely as possible, understanding that variations could occur.

In that 2023 is a judicial election year, a discussion about the customary survey of bar members as to the qualifications of the candidates was undertaken. The consensus was that the survey is a useful tool to convey the view of the bar as to whether the candidates have qualities necessary to function in the position of common pleas court judge. Consensus was also obtained that the data must be publicized in a manner that conveys an accurate picture of the results.

With that discussion, the session concluded. A group photo followed.