LLA Public Service Award Given to Sheriff's Office

Posted on January 9th, 2024 at 9:16 PM
LLA Public Service Award Given to Sheriff's Office

President McCoy with Sheriff Mark Lusk, Chief Eric Spiegel, Deputy Lucas Bingaman and office clerk Jennifer HartleyThe Lycoming Law Association Public Service Award is given to a non-lawyer whose public service has had a significant impact in the legal community. In announcing the award, President Joy Reynolds McCoy made the following comments:

The 2024 recipient of the LLA Public Service Award is the Lycoming County Sheriff’s Office under the leadership of Sheriff Mark Lusk.

During my time on the bench, I very quickly learned how lucky Lycoming County is for the extras that the Sheriff’s office in our county does for the legal community, which does not occur in every county. This is most prevalent in the area of protection from abuse cases.  Service of PFAs are a top priority for the office with every attempt made to serve a PFA the date it is entered.  The office takes the extra step to notify plaintiffs when an order is served and works closely with both the court and attorneys to ensure that service is made.  During 2023 the sheriff’s office served more than 640 PFAs, this is 100 more than the prior year. The Sheriff’s office also makes it a priority to see that weapons are relinquished when there is an order to do so. There is follow through and conscious effort to accomplish this task – which is probably one of the more dangerous duties of the office. The office endeavors to stay update to date on all changes in PFA laws requesting trainings be done for the staff and seeking guidance and insight when questions arise.  Many other Sheriff’s office only do the bare minimum in regards to these areas.   

In addition to putting forth the extra effort in the PFA realm, the Sheriff’s office supports our legal community by being responsive to attorneys concerns for their own safety while in the courthouse. The office takes seriously any concerns that are raised and makes every effort to provide information and safety measures for our local bar. 

Sheriff Lusk was present to accept the award, along with Chief Eric Spiegel, Deputy Bryann Bingaman and office clerk Jennifer Hartley.