Elion, Wayne, Grieco, Carlucci & Shipman, P.C. Wins Thomas Wood Award

Posted on January 13th, 2016 at 12:00 AM
Elion, Wayne, Grieco, Carlucci & Shipman, P.C. Wins Thomas Wood Award

Elion, Wayne, Grieco, Carlucci & Shipman, P.C. Wins Thomas Wood AwardThe 2015 Honorable Thomas Wood. Jr., Equal Access to Justice Award was presented to Lycoming County law firm Elion, Wayne, Grieco, Carlucci & Shipman, P.C. Danna Rich-Collins, of the Williamsport Legal Services office, explained the reasons for the award:

This year is a banner year for 100% participation/Outstanding Law Firm award, as we have 13 law firms where each member of the firm did his/her fair share of pro bono referrals.

When the program was initially set up there was a lot of discussion about the autonomy of the firms and how they wanted to handle referrals. Since each attorney was expected to take a maximum of three cases some firms had decided that if they had 5 members then they were responsible for 15 cases and each member could take or one person could do all 15. That was fine. As stated autonomy.

However, the Bar thought there should be recognition for firms who not only took their fair share in numbers but also each and every member of the firm participated in the referrals. Thus the Outstanding Law Firm award commenced.

Since the late 1980’s, the firm we honor tonight has received the Outstanding Law Firm award almost every year it has been given. The attorneys who are presently in this firm have for the most part received the Fair Share Award each year it has been given since the late 1980’s. Only two other firms in the county have had 100% participation as long and as many times as tonight’s honorees. There have been additional associates and partners in the firm, but no matter the players the firm has been consistent in its pro bono participation.

Over the years, and there are many of them, members of the firm have taken leadership roles in recruiting volunteers, mentoring, reshaping and supporting the program.

Consistency and staying power are important qualities in programs like this one and this firm has contributed both in keeping this Pro Bono effort not only a mandate on paper but a reality in real life.

I think these comments From Pro Bono clients who have been served by these attorneys are more meaningful than anything I can say here tonight.

Anthony Grieco and Judy were great, I am glad to have met them. This program is great. Thank you—(a woman who has terminal cancer, family problems and went to them for Medical directives, POA wrote)

And from another client going to the Gatehouse,

You could not have given me anyone better than Mr. Grieco. He really looked out for me and my rights. I was very pleased with him. I will tell others to go to him because he cares about who he is doing the work for—thank you!

PFA Clients:

If Mr. Elion had not helped me to get me out of the house and a PFA I would not be here thank you for the assistance!

Mr. Shipman was very concerned about us. He answered all my concerns in person. Thank you so much for Mr. Shipman. His help meant so much in our time of need.

Mr. Carlucci helped me get a PFA to keep my boyfriend away from me and my kids. It worked. He did break order once and the police came. Thank you, Mr. Carlucci for everything you did for us.

And from a client with a consumer/debt issue:

Mr. Wayne was a really good lawyer. He got everything I needed Done-done. I will tell everyone to go to him. If I ever get money and I need a lawyer I will go to him…

There are several: He/she was nice, professional and helpful


Thank you

As I am always told. Attorneys don’t do pro bono for recognition. They don’t do Pro Bono for thank you. They do it to make a difference and it does.

Tonight’s recipients of the Honorable Thomas Wood JR Equal Access to Justice Award is presented to the Law Firm of Elion, Wayne, Grieco, Carlucci and Shipman.