Lycoming County Law Day Celebrations

Law Day Celebrated in County Court

Posted on May 6th, 2011 at 12:00 PM
Law Day Celebrated in County Court

Law Day 2011Law Day 2011 was celebrated in a packed Lycoming County Courthouse Court Room on Friday, May 6, 2011.

The Annual Law Day program, held at the Lycoming County Courthouse, showcased the winners of the Annual Essay and Artwork Contest co-sponsored by the Lycoming Law Association and the Lycoming County Paralegal Association. The winners presented their work for the first time to the assembly.

After some brief comments by Judge Joy McCoy, a long time member of the Law Day Committee, Judge McCoy introduced the "Law Day Singers" who, in a Law Day tradition, sang the national anthem. County Commissioner Jeff Wheeland read the official 2011 Law Day Proclamation.

Lycoming Law Association President Brian Bluth gave brief comments welcoming those in attendance.

The student winners were then called on to display their art works or read their essays. The essays and artwork is found here.

The Grade K-4 essay topic was: "Why are lawyers important?" The Grade 5-8 essay topic was: "Historically, what role have lawyers played in shaping the American Justice System?"

The Essay Winners:

Grand Prize: Alexis Marchion - Grade 06 - Ashkar Elementary School.

Outstanding Achievement: Fletcher Gelnett - Grade 02 - Schick Elementary School; Brock Brown - Grade 04 - Schick Elementary School; Marcus Neufer - Grade 05 - McCall Middle School; and, Cullin Berfield - Grade 08 - Jersey Shore Middle School.

Judge KieserThe artwork topic was:"Symbols of Patriotism."  The Artwork Winners:

Grand Prize: Tyler Reidy - Grade 05 - McCall Middle School

Outstanding Achievement: Bailey Culver - Grade 06 - Ashkar Elementary School; Keri Batschelet - Grade 08 - Jersey Shore Middle School; Olivia Clark - Grade 08 - Jersey Shore Middle School; and Rebecca Englert - Grade 08 - Jersey Shore Middle School.

The keynote speaker was Senior Judge William Kieser. He spoke of the the role of lawyers in today's society. Lawyers are required to do what is right - to stand up for their values.  Lawyer and President John Adams demonstrated these values by taking as clients those accused in the Boston Massacre.  The Judge pointed out that this was as shocking to citizens of that time as it would have been for an attorney of today to represent Osama Bin Laden.  Yet, because it was the right thing to do, people recognized Adams' character and elected him President.  Judge Kieser concluded the political correct decision is not always the right one, and that lesson is still being learned today.

At the conclusion of the essay/artwork segment of the ceremony, the Judges expressed their thoughts on the student's work and the importance of Law Day in conveying the importance of the rule of law in our country. A reception sponsored by the Lycoming County Paralegal Association, in the children’s honor, was held in the Juror's Lounge and brought the assembled group together for pizza and cake.

Following that, another reception was held for the entire Lycoming County Bar at the Old Corner.

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