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Law Day 2015 Art & Essay Contest Winning Entries

Posted on May 2nd, 2015 at 10:21 AM
Law Day 2015 Art & Essay Contest Winning Entries

Alice Ravert

We should follow rules because if you do not, you can get hurt. You might get in trouble or if your in school, you can get expelled from the principal. Treat others the way you want to be treated when you are taking a test, do not copy. If someone is being mean to you, do not play with them at recess. If you’re doing the right thing and someone is bothering you, ignore them. Some other people might be mean but I will follow rules. If someone is not following the rules then I will tell them, “You might want to follow the rules so you do not get in trouble from the teacher.”

That is why we need rules.

Makenah Sagan


Hey you! Have you ever been tortured by a person or sibling? I know I have because my brother picks on me all the time. In my opinion, rules are important so nobody gets hurt or put in jail.

Do you know why rules are so important? Rules are important because they help you from getting hurt. You might get hurt by driving too fast and over the speed limit. Rules are also important because if you rob or murder someone or someone’s house depending on how bad something you did you could end up in jail FOREVER! Another reason why rules are important is because you could break something very special or very important that you could never replace. For example, when it was about 2 or 3 weeks from Christmas time when me and my family got home from dinner I kicked off my shoe I knocked down one of the Christmas Carolers made of glass and it broke into almost a million pieces. I was in big trouble and started crying because I didn’t do it on purpose.

At my house there are many rules. Like, me and my brother, Nolan, are not allowed to chew with our mouth open because it is disrespectful or impolite. At my house we are also not allowed to jump on the furniture because my dad says "It will ruin the couch." Another reason is we cannot run out at our pool because we could slip and fall, bang our head on the concrete, and fall in the pool and drown.

My dog has to follow rules too, just like me and my brother. My dog Jeter is not allowed to bite us or any other people. My dog is also not allowed to pee or poop in the house but, it would be ok if he throws up because sometimes he does not know when it is coming. Finally, my dog is not allowed to jump on the furniture just like me and my brother because it will ruin the couch.

I think rules are an awesome way to be safe and not go to jail!

Do you know why rules are important? Did you know there are rules in my house and that my dog has rules too? Doing what the rules are is a good way to show little kids how to act so they will not get hurt or in big trouble.

Nyla Kutney

Rules are important for many reasons. Some people say that a world with no rules would be awesome! You wouldn’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Think again. Rules give us order and organization. Without them, there would be chaos. If you could do anything you wanted, so could everyone else. Which includes crimes, bullying, etc. Rules can make us do little things we don’t even think about, like getting in the back of a line, or taking your hat off during the National Anthem. All these things just come naturally to us. All these rules are extremely important.

Take the Fourth Amendment, for example. It states that no one can demand to walk into your house and confiscate your things without your permission, or a search warrant. Without rules, the amendments wouldn’t exist, so there would be nothing prohibiting it. People could take your things and it wouldn’t be called a crime. If you think about it, we wouldn’t even need a President. Without rules, why would we need a leader? No one would have to listen to them.

Think about some simple rules. Like holding the door for someone. Or not insulting people. I know what you’re thinking. These aren’t rules. They aren’t laws. We don’t have to follow them. But we do. It’s like a reflex we have, to help people out when they need it. Give them an encouraging word when they need it. I know it sounds like I’m getting off the subject, but I think this has to do with why rules are important. Nothing says we have to be kind to people, but if we didn’t, how would we ever feel good about ourselves? In a way, rules are just as important as being there for others, and that’s what my essay is really about.

Dylann Eck

If the Magna Carta were written today, what freedoms would it guarantee?

Freedom, justice, liberty and equality, are all words that represent what the Magna Carta stands for. The Magna Carta is a great legal document that was signed into law in 1215 by King John. If you think about it, the world would be forever altered if this precious document never existed. We should be grateful that it was written. Although, if you take a second and think about what liberties would be included in the Magna Carta today? There are a few freedoms that I think should be included in the Magna Carta. Here are just a few of the major things that I believe should be included: arbitrary imprisonment/trial; freedom of arbitrary seizure, freedom of travel, last is the more modern freedom of speech.

First, let's start with the freedom of arbitrary imprisonment/trial. Arbitrary imprisonment/trial is when a king or a leader sends someone to jail or the dungeon without a proper motive. When doing so the leaders also need to give the accused a fair trial with creditable witnesses. At the end of the trial, it is the judge who has the final say, not the rulers. In present time, the Magna Carta would guarantee the right a fair and judicial trial.

Equally important, freedom of arbitrary seizure is another justice that holds a lot of vital independences. Freedom of arbitrary seizure is when high-ranked people take something of yours without your consent such as: crops and live stock. In modern day the government may request your removal of house but with concession. However, before the Magna Carta was written, the high-ranked leaders wouldn't even repay the debt that they owed you. With this rule, (freedom of arbitrary seizure) leaders can do this but with your consent and they'll repay you. Although, if you give up your crops or livestock as a gift they don't have to pay you back. Another ability that this rule gives to knights is that a constable (police officer) isn't allowed to make a knight pay a fee for his castle that he is guarding.

Another crucial liberty is freedom of travel. This liberty allows you to go anywhere at anytime. Not only can you travel anywhere at anytime, but can leave your county and come back without being considered a traitor. Due to the Magna Carta merchants and people from other countries are allowed to live and visit -without the natives being hostile towards them. Since these merchants are allowed to come into the country, the trade and stock will rise astonishingly!

Freedom of speech is a law that has changed the way we correspond to each other and the world. If the document was written today it would have to include this freedom. With in this freedom so many areas would be affected. A few of these changed areas would be the media, the internet, last opinions due to our own thoughts and actions.

All things considered, the Magna Carta is truly a huge milestone in human rights. Whether the Magna Carta consists of freedom of arbitrary imprisonment/trial, freedom of arbitrary seizure, freedom of travel, or even freedom of speech this document will always give the people equality and keep the high ranked powers fair. So what do you think? Do you think the world would be different without the Magna Carta? What rules would be guaranteed if the Magna Carta was written today? They're so many question and so many theories. One thing is for sure, the Magna Carta turned the world in a whole new direction!

Liam Bastian

Magna Carta: Symbol of Freedom Under Law

If the Magna Carta were written today, what freedoms would it guarantee?

The Magna Carta is an English document that was issued 800 years ago by England's King John. Literally meaning "great charter" this document provided rights to English rebel barons in response to their violent uprising against the king and his regime. The Magna Carta was the foundation of democracy for the first time in the world's history and established the concept that no one is above the law. The Magna Carta inspired the American Bill of Rights, written in 1791. The Bill of Rights includes some of the basic freedoms that we enjoy today as Americans.

Now the question is asked, "What freedoms would Magna Carta guarantee if it were written today?" That is a very important question. Since most basic freedoms are guaranteed to us today, we have to look more in depth, and in more detail to things we think are small issues, but not for the people suffering. Opinions vary greatly in today's world; so we can only speculate over what a 2015 version of Magna Carta would look like. There are many relevant freedom issues in today's world; and the first is that government should not be able to force its population to purchase certain services or products. Another important freedom should be equal taxation among all people, regardless of income. Third and finally the equal opportunity for higher education should be something in today's Magna Carta.

One important issue facing this country today is the government forcing the populace to purchase products or services. My case in point is the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as "Obama Care" after our current president. While political pundits on both ends of the political spectrum argue over its ability to provide low-cost health insurance, one thing is for certain. If you reject coverage, you are penalized with a fine. This is such an audacious penalty for the supplement of a legislation piece meant to help millions. While it says nowhere in our constitution that the government cannot force a service on its people, making them pay a hefty penalty in the form a tax is certainly no way to go about solving matters. ln consequence, this could be one component of the many freedoms guaranteed in a 21st century Magna: Carta.

A second key part of today's Magna Carta should be equal taxation. This might not seem like something that is an issue, but I think is pretty significant. Imagine. Most people continue to after high school to some form of secondary education such as college or a trade school. Take attorneys for example. These are people who experience seven years of post secondary education to become qualified in their field. How just is it that people who work harder, make more money and deal with more stress should not get to keep as much of what they make as someone who didn't work as hard? I'm not saying that other people don't work hard to achieve success and reach goals. However, how much worth and reward is there in going into a career path (not just being an attorney) and "bringing home the bacon" as they say, if you only get taxed more for doing so? In college and any other sort of post-secondary education, the work is grueling. The countless two and three hour lectures, the research papers and late night studying to get where you are going, only to have your profits and hard work taxed more heavily by the government. In conclusion, this should be a major component of guaranteed freedom in 2015's version of the Magna Carta.

 Last, but certainly not least, is the need for higher education. If the Magna Carta were issued today a key component in the document should cover this: The document should decree low-cost higher education in colleges, universities and other post-secondary institutions. There is a "method for the madness", though. If the college student is given the opportunity to benefit from this program, he/she should be required to maintain a certain grade point average while attending their college of choice. If a sterling grade point average is not maintained, the student will have to pay higher tuition, room and board fees. In the nation of Honduras, this program has already been adopted. Students are allowed two years at university level free of tuition cost, if they maintain a certain GPA. This would be an excellent system to adopt here in the United States. Tuition rates for four year, public colleges have increased 104 percent over the last ten years. Everywhere, people are struggling to pay for college tuition. Before long, higher education may be something only the wealthy enjoy. How fair is it that just because an individual cannot necessarily afford the cost, he/she should be barred or impeded from a higher education? Also, if this is implemented in a modern day Magna Carta, the people that it has an effect on will have the constant pressure to keep an excelling grade point average.

In closing, this would be an excellent component of guaranteed freedom if the Magna Carta were written today. All in all, the world is a very different place in 2015 than 1215. This being said, there are still freedoms not guaranteed here and around the world that should be. King John of England got the ball rolling some 800 years ago on basic civil rights, and it's up to society today to keep up the forward thinking.

Chase Dudek

Arianna Larson-Waller - Grade 03 -Lyter Elementary School

Arianna Larson-Waller

Beckett Gilmore - Grade 04 - Schick Elementary School

Beckett Gilmore

Courtney Houseknecht - Grade 08 - McCall Middle School

Courtney Houseknecht

Fatima Royal

Fatima Royal