Member Committees

As a member of the Lycoming Law Association, you are able to sign up to be a part of a committee. Choose from a variety of areas including Community Involvement, Court Relations, Member Services, and Substantive Law. Join a committee by clicking below or view the committee assignments that are already in place.

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Committee Assignments


Community Activities and Outreach

Tammy Weber, Chair

Patty Bowman

Taylor Beucler

Mike Collins

Marc Lovecchio

Aaron Biichle

Gary Weber

Angela Lovecchio

Pheobe Yates

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Law Day

Christian Frey, Chair

Jennifer Ayers

Nancy Butts

Robert Cronin

Jennifer Linn

Don Martino

John Pietrovito

Alexandra Sholley

Tammy Taylor

David Wilk

Legal Services for the Indigent

John Pietrovito, Chair

Jennifer Ayers

Jonathan Butterfield

Jeffrey Dohrmann

John Smay

Fee Dispute

Christopher Kenyon, Chair

Marc Drier

John Mott

W. Jeffrey Yates

Mock Trial

John Pietrovito, Chair

Robert Cronin

Terra Koernig

Donald Martino

Gregory Moro

Public Relations

Angela Lovecchio, Chair

Gary Weber

Court Relations

Bench Bar

C. Edward Mitchell, Chair


Hon. Nancy Butts

Hon. Eric Linhardt

Hon. Ryan Tira

Hon. William Carlucci

Hon. Ryan Gardner

Hon. Dudley Anderson


LLA President - Joy Reynolds McCoy

DA - Tom Marino

PD - Nicole Spring Private

Criminal Defense - Kyle Rude

Plaintiff Law - David Wilk

Plaintiff Med Mal - Tom Waffenschmidt

Defendant law/Med Mal - Brian Bluth

Federal Practice - Cliff Rieders

Family Law - Bradley Hillman

Adoptions - Melody Protasio

PFA - Matthew Diemer

Orphans Court - Elizabeth White

Real Estate - Marc Drier

General Practice - Marc Lovecchio

Business & Commercial - Tom Marshall

Dependency - Jeff Yates

Delinquency - Mike Dinges

Municipal - J. MIchael Wiley

Environmental - Robert Cronin

Pro Bono Coordinator - Jennifer Heverly

Thomas Heap, Prothonotary

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Customs and Rules

Gary Weber, Chair

Jennifer Heverly

Terra Koernig

John Pietrovito

Adrianne Stahl

J. Michael Wiley

Member Services

Bar History

Tammy Taylor, Chair

Charles Greevy, III

Warren Baldys, Jr.

Patricia Bowman

William Carlucci

Robert Cronin

Robert Elion

Paul Roman

Ryan Tira

Gary Weber

Technology and Website

Gary Weber, Chair

Austin White

Phoebe Yates


John Pietrovito, Chair

Fred Holland

Trisha Jasper

Marc Lovecchio

Norman Lubin

Julieanne Steinbacher

Tammy Weber


Dance Drier, Chair


Angela Lovecchio, Ex officio Chair

William Arbuckle, III

William Carlucci

Tammy Taylor

Jennifer Heverly

Unauthorized Practice of Law

Scott Williams, Chair

Kevin Derr

Young Lawyers Division

Stephanie Wolak-Fleming, C-chair

Blake Marks, Co-Chair

Adrian Masaki Lee
Alyssa Fenoy
Blake Marks
Brandon R. Schemery
Brittany Ocie Louise Smith
Bryan Fitzcharles
Dance Drier
Frederick P. Santucci
Gabrielle Tock
Hank J. Clarke
Howard Gold
Jassica Halina Eckrote
Jessica Feese
Joe Ruby
Jonathan R. Vender
Korrin Abreal Moon
Kristian Villegas
Landon Ray Hodges
Lindsay K. Sweeley
Lindsay Katherine Sweeley
Lindsay Scheller
Lisa Glick
Matthew Bernard Welickovitch
Megan Moro
Noah Roux
Peter Campana Lovecchio
Phoebe Lynn Yates
Raine G. Aicher
Samantha Wolfe
Sharn McLaughlin
Stephanie Wolak
Stephen Hartley
Taylor Paulhamus
Tyler Calkins

Substantive Law

Civil Law

Brian Bluth, Chair

Open to all members of the bar! 

Criminal Law

Robert Hoffa, Chair

Open to all members of the bar! 

Estate, Probate and Elder Law

Elizabeth White, Chair

Thomas Burkholder

Nancy Butts

Robert Cronin

Jonathan DeWald

Jessica Feese

Charles Greevy, III

Anthony Grieco, II

Thomas Hess

Bradley Hillman

Landon Hodges

Fred Holland

Christopher Kenyon

J. Howard Langdon

James Malee

Jeffrey Marshall

Daniel Mathers

Matthew Parker

Andrea Pulizzi

Paul Roman

Patricia Shipman

Stephen Sholder

John Smay

Brittany Smith

Julieanne Steinbacher


Tammy Weber

Samantha Wolfe

John Zurich

Family Law

Melody Protasio, Chair

Open to all members of the bar! 

Real Estate

Marc Drier, Chair

Andrea Bower

Jon DeWald

Lester Greevy, Jr.

Thomas Hess

Fred Holland

Christopher Kenyon

J. Howard Langdon

Daniel Mathers

Malcolm Mussina

Paul Roman

Stephen Sholder

John Smay

Scott Williams

John Zurich