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announcementLycoming County Court January through March trial calendar has been posted.  (More....)  01.17.2018

announcementThe 2017 LLA committee reports have been posted for member review, in advance of the 2018 annual meeting  (More....)  12.28.2017

announcementThe Bench Bar Meeting minutes from November 6, 2017 have been posted.  (More....)  12.06.2017

announcementClerk of Court fees to increase across the board in 2018. See the court order.  (More....)  11.21.2017

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-Commonwealth vs. Najdek (1/11/2018) -Criminal

-Commonwealth vs. Hoover (1/11/2018) -Criminal

-SK vs. PK (1/8/2018) -Divorce

-Commonwealth vs. McHenry (1/9/2018) -Criminal

-EDS vs. SS (1/2/2018) -Divorce

-KH vs. DH (12/29/2017) -Divorce

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01.23.2018, 12:00 PM   - Family Law Committee Meeting   (Details...)

01.26.2018, 12:00 PM   - LLA Foundation Meeting   (Details...)

02.05.2018, 12:00 PM   - Bench Bar Committee Meeting   (Details...)

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01.30.2018 - Tips from the Bench: How 25 Recent Cases Influence the Way We Draft Contracts (Details...)

02.01.2018 - Death & Taxes (Details...)

02.07.2018 - The Ethics of Pro Bono: Accessing Justice in 2018 (Details...)

02.08.2018 - Realty Transfer Tax Update (Details...)

02.13.2018 - Internet Legal Research (Details...)

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Good Morning!  Today is Thursday, January 18, 2018

articleAt its 2018 Annual Banquet, the Lycoming Law Association, in cooperation with North Penn Legal Services, recognized those of its membership who have volunteered to provide legal services to the poor.  (More....)


articleThe William E. Nichols Community Service Award was awarded to Joseph Rider to recognize his outstanding community service and for exemplifying the positive role that attorneys play in our community beyond the practice of law.  (More....)


articleCharles Augustine Caffrey a former member of the Lycoming Law Association, died on January 12, 2018  (More....)


articleJennifer L. Heverly elected Association President at annual meeting.  (More....)


articleLLA members Linhardt, Osokow and Wade undertake new responsibilities as judge and in the district attorney's office.  (More....)


articleRonald C. Travis, a 46 year member of the Lycoming Law Association, died on December 23, 2017.  (More....)


articleThe Supreme Court adopted a new public access policy, effective Jan. 6, that establishes uniform standards for all appellate and trial courts in responding to requests from the public for case records. The policy includes how requests for access are to be handled, establishes a limit on copying fees and delineates what information will be safeguarded.  (More....)


articleIf you have taken in a recent CLE presentation in the LLA conference center, you will have noticed a much enhanced sound system. The speaker system is only one piece of a recent LLA project to improve the effectiveness of its educational program.  (More....)


articleA big thank you to all the law firms, attorneys and staff who supported this year’s Angel Tree holiday collection benefiting the children in the CASA program and the Salvation Army.  (More....)


articleOn December 1, 2017, the Lycoming County Court of Common Pleas held a special session of court at which six attorneys were admitted to practice before the “several Courts of the County of Lycoming.”   (More....)


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