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Honoring 22 1/2 Years of Judicial Service

Honorable Clinton W. Smith

Judge Clinton W. SmithOn November 8, 2003, more than 230 well-wishers gathered to recognize President Judge Clinton W. Smith for his achievements as Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Lycoming County.  Those gathered for the event included colleagues and former colleagues from the Lycoming County Bench and from neighboring county courts, public officials, former law clerks,Commisioner Rebecca A. Burke presenting award to Judge Smith attorneys, friends and family.  Judge Smith, who is to retire to Senior status at the end of the year 2003, was complemented for the high standards he applies to his work, his willingness to offer assistance to colleagues, his eagerness to mentor law clerks and attorneys with whom he worked, his service to his church and the community and for his evenhanded approach to his responsibilities as Judge.

Judge Dudley N. Anderson served as master of ceremonies for the events of the evening, Videotape recognitionwhich took place at DiSalvo's Restaurant in Williamsport.  Judge William S. Kieser offered the invocation.  Following dinner, a 30 minute videotape offered some brief background on Judge Smith's youth and education.  His military experience and early carrier were highlighted.  The video tape also summarized the circumstances that led to his appointment to the Bench in 1981, by Governor Dick Thornburgh and his election for a full term in November of that year.  In 1991 he was retained by an 82.5% affirmative vote and in 2001 Judge Smith was retained by a 78% affirmative vote.  Judge Smith became President Judge in 1996.

Clinton Wilcox Smith was born on December 15, 1933, in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, theJudge Clinton and Mary Smith son of  Edward and Dolly Wilcox Smith.  He grew up in South Williamsport with his parents and brother, Dr. Clifford Smith.

Judge Smith with son ChrisMarried in 1996 to the former Mary Keliher Gibbs, Judge Smith’s family includes his son Christopher P. Smith, stepson Matthew T. Gibbs and stepdaughter Margaret M. Gibbs Richardson.

The biography was followed by comments of judges, law clerks, and many others whom Judge Smith has influenced over the years.Judge Butts presenting Judge Smith with the resolution passed by the Pa. House of Representatives

Following the video, Judge Smith was formally recognized for his achievements.  Judges Kenneth D. Brown and Nancy L. Butts presented resolutions passed by the Senate and House of Representatives of Pennsylvania.  A beautiful mantle clock was LLA President Weber offering comments on behalf of the Bargiven to Judge Smith by Lycoming County Commission Chair Rebecca A. Burke on behalf of the people of the County.  Lycoming College President Dr. James Douthat recognized Judge Smith as a distinguished alumnus and for his service to the college as member of the Board of Trustees.  Lycoming Law Association President Gary L. Weber presented to Judge Smith a plaque, recognizing his service to the Bench and Bar of Lycoming County.Judge Anderson presenting gifts from the guests

The final presentation was of gifts from the guests to the Judge.  An engraved, silver plated golf putter and personalized golf balls were chosen in recognition of the Judge's love of the game and the greater quantity of leisure time that may be available to the Judge in his retirement.

Judge Smith's commentsThe event concluded with the Judge's comments.  Judge Smith thanked those attending for their comments and good will.  He thanked those who helped him perform his responsibilities over the years, including his colleagues on the Bench, law clerks and long time staff.  He outlined his achievements while on the Bench, and particularly as President Judge.  His comments were greeted with a standing ovation.

The evening served to commemorate a long and distinguished judicial carrier and to launch the next phase of Judge Smith's carrier, as Senior Judge.  Those present will long remember the glowing terms used to describe the remarkable man who was honored this night.

Judges Williamson and Mott

Judge JamesJudge WoelfelLeft: Judge Williamson of Clinton County and Bradford County's Judge Mott.

Right: Judge Woelfel of Snyder County and Judge James of Columbia County

Judge Mott and Judge DaultonThomas Raup

Left: Judge Mott and Judge Dalton of Tioga County.

Right: Retired Lycoming County Judge Thomas Raup. Judge Raup narrated the video.

From left, Judge and Mrs. Kieser, Commissioner Burke, Judge Butts, Judge Muir and Judge AndersonFrom left, Judge and Mrs. Kieser, Commissioner Burke, Judge Butts, Judge Muir and Judge Anderson

The Lycoming County Bench:  Judges Smith, Anderson, Kieser and Butts.Standing with Judge Smith, from left, former law clerks John Pietrovito, Tammy Taylor, Gary Weber and Judge ButtsLeft: Lycoming County Judges Smith, Anderson, Kieser and Butts.

Right: Standing with Judge Smith, from left, former law clerks John Pietrovito, Tammy Taylor, Gary Weber and Judge Butts.