Articles & News 2004

Judge Smith Awarded Lycoming County Distinguished Public Service Award

Judge Clinton SmithThe Distinguished Pubic Service Award is the highest Award presented by County Government to County Employees.  This award has been established to recognize outstanding Lycoming County citizens deserving of greater public recognition for their service and achievements serving the public interest.  Achievements and service are to exemplify, to an exceptional degree, imagination, dedication, and leadership.  The Award may also be granted by the Lycoming Commissioners to recognize an individual for bravery and courage, or philanthropy.

The Commissioners Distinguished Public Service Award is presented to Clinton W. Smith in recognition of over 22 years of dedicated service as a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for Lycoming County.

Judge Smith Smith began his law career in Lycoming County in May 1959 and was a practicing attorney until 1981.  As an Attorney he was admitted to practice before the Court of Common Pleas of Lycoming County, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Superior Court of Pennsylvania, Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, U.S. District Court, and Middle District Court.  During this time he also served as an Assistant District Attorney for Lycoming County from 1964 through 1968.  On May 27, 1981, he was sworn in as a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Lycoming County after being appointed to the position by Governor Thornburgh when the County went from two to three Judges.  Subsequently, he was elected for a 10-year term.  On November 5, 1991, he was retained by the voters for a second 10-year term, and he became President Judge in January 1995.  On November 6, 2001, he was retained by the voters for a third term. 

During his tenure as a Judge he also served as a member of the Lycoming Foundation, on the Board of Trustees of Lycoming College, as a member of the Board of Directors for the Williamsport-Lycoming Chamber of Commerce, as a member of the Board of Trustees of the United Methodist Home for Children in Mechanicsburg, as a member of the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Court, as a member of the Lycoming County D.U.I Advisory Council, as a member and President of the Board of Directors of the Lycoming County Child Day Care Center, and as a member of Board of Directors for the Lycoming County Association for the Blind.

As the President Judge for the last nine years he demonstrated outstanding initiative, fortitude, and professional competency in developing the Court Services of Lycoming County.  His accomplishments include the expansion of Court Services by increasing the Judges from 4 to 5, formulation and implementation of Family Court, development and implementation of Drug Court, and initiation of the 1 day – 1 trail Jury Selection System for Jurors, and Day Certain Criminal Trial System.  These outstanding initiatives have significantly enhanced the efficiency of the Courts and will have a lasting positive impact on the Court System of Lycoming County for years to come.  Judge Smith’s superb leadership of the Lycoming County Courts combined with his outstanding initiatives, accomplishments, and dedicated service is truly deserving of the recognition of the Distinguished Public Service Award. 

Judge Smith graduated Summa Cum Laude from Lycoming College, and he obtained his Law Degree from the Dickinson School of Law.  He resides in Williamsport with his wife Mary Keliher Gibbs.  The Smiths have one son and two daughters.