Articles & News 2004

LLAF Provides Grant to Library

The Lycoming Law Association Foundation has provided a grant in the amount of $534.00 to the James V. Brown Library for the purpose of purchasing books and other materials addressing legal careers and legal education. The 20 volumes in the collection will be kept in Jack Humphrey presenting Librarian Janice Trapp with a donationthe Library’s Job and Career Center, which consists of materials on various careers, educational opportunities and job search skills, is one of the most frequently used collections of materials at the James V. Brown Library. The approximately 1500 reference works in the Job and Career Center are utilized by persons of high school age, by adults exploring new career or work opportunities, and by older individuals seeking information on retirement work opportunities. 

The Lycoming Law Association Foundation is a charitable organization established by the Lycoming Law Association. The mission of the Foundation is to ensure access to justice by raising funds to preserve and expand civil legal services for low-income people in Lycoming County, and to fund worthwhile local projects that have a relationship with the legal profession or the legal system. Most of the funds of the Foundation are contributed by local attorneys and law firms, though donations and bequests from other interested persons or organizations are also encouraged.

In announcing the grant to the James V. Brown Library, John M. Humphrey, President of the Lycoming Law Association, stated: “The Lycoming County legal community has long recognized the important contributions of the James V. Brown Library to the people of Lycoming County, and we are pleased to assist the library in furthering its mission of providing important information to the public at no cost. We encourage anyone considering a legal education or legal career to utilize these books, which are being purchased with the funds from the Lycoming Law Association Foundation.”