The 2005 Pennsylvania Mock Trial Competition, Championship Round for the North Central Region

Montoursville High School team

Regional and District 2 Champion

Montoursville High School team.  (From left) Dan Wright (advisor), Sere Altebrando, Kaitlyn Ludgate, Sammie Martinez, Madison Rupert, Riley Snyder, Alyssa Bedison, Ryan Lynch, Amanda Reed, Bret Southard (attorney advisor), Ashley Fowler.

State College High School team

Regional Runner Up, and District 1 Champion

State College High School team. (From left) S. Anderson and L. Howley, (advisors); Samir Sonti, Greg Geusic, Chris Martin, Avinash Samarth, Matt Lachman and Steve Lachman (attorney advisor).

Regional coordinator John Pietrovito announcing the decision; Judge Muir watchesOn Monday, March 14, 2005, Federal District Court Judge Malcolm Muir presided at the championship round of the north central region, Pennsylvania Mock Trial competition.  Teams  advanced by Montoursville High School, Lycoming County and State College High School, competed for local honors, and for the opportunity of Awaiting the verdictcompeting in the state finals in Harrisburg, and national finals in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The teams prepared and tried a civil case, involving the crushing death of a teen at a Rap concert.  State College, representing the family of the deceased teen, tried to prove that the rapper, by provocative  lyrics, induced the teen to rush the stage, becoming involved in a mob scene which resulted in his being trampled and killed.

JurorsMontoursville defended the rapper.  The rapper blamed the concert hall for lax security, which allowed the mob to rush the stage.  The team attempted to prove that the lyrics were an art form that is protected by the Constitution, and that the teen caused his own death by rushing the stage with the mob.

Fifteen local attorneys served as jurors.  On the merits of the case, the jury rendered a unanimous verdict for the rapper.   The decision on the competition was much closer.  As a result of the high quality of the performances and the closely matched teams, Montoursville eked out an 8 to 7 decision, and will advance to the next round of competition.