Articles & News 2006
Attorneys admitted in December 2006.
New Lycoming County Attorneys. From left, From Left, front row, Dale Tice, Robert
Cronin, N. Randall Sees; back row, Paul Petcavage, Christopher Wright, Andrew
Smalley, Janan Tallo, Jennifer Heverly, Jill Spayer.

Nine Lycoming County Attorneys Admitted to Practice Before the Several Courts of Lycoming County

On Friday, December 8, 2006, Judges Kenneth Brown, Dudley Anderson and Nancy Butts presided at a special session of court at which nine attorneys were admitted to practice before the “several Courts of the County of Lycoming.”   This is the largest class of new attorneys admitted since 2000 when thirteen admissions were recorded.

Although admission to the local courts is no longer required by law, the Lycoming County Court has continued the tradition of an admission ceremony.  The ceremony serves several purposes:  to formally recognize the accomplishments of the newly admitted attorneys, to introduce the new faces of the bar to the legal community and to allow the Judges of the Court and Law Association officers the opportunity to introduce new attorneys to the services available to them through the Association and to offer opportunities to serve the community, as attorneys.

William Burd administering the oath.The attorneys, Dale A. Tice, Robert Cronin, N. Randall Sees, Paul J. Petcavage, Christopher Wright, Andrew Smalley, Janan M. E. Tallo, Jennifer Heverly and Jill A. Spayer, were introduced to the Court by current members of the Lycoming County Bar, and then the oath of office was administered by Prothonotary, William J. Burd.

Attorney Tice was introduced by Lester L. Greevy.  He is currently employed in the Greevy & Associates firm, working in the area of elder law and litigation. 

Mr. Cronin's admission was moved by Gregory D. Drab.  He is working with the Lycoming County Public Defender.  Mr. Drab also moved the admission of Janan Tallo, who, likewise is working in the Public Defender's office.

Randy Sees is employed as an associate in the McNerney Page law office.  His motion for admission was offered by Cynthia Ranck Person.

Attorney Petcavage's admission was offered by Ronald C. Travis.  Mr. Petcavage has opened a private practice.

Judges Butts, Brown and Anderson and Prothonotary Burd.The admission of Attorney Wright was moved by J. David Smith.  Wright is employed by the McCormick Law Firm.

Attorney Smalley is working in the Zeigler Law Office and handling conflicts for the Public Defender's office.  His motion for admission was introduced by John P. Pietrovito.

Ms. Heverly is working in the North Penn Legal Services office.  Managing attorney Joseph A. Campagna, Jr. moved her admission.

Jill Spayer was introduced to the Bar by Douglas Engelman.  She is employed as an associate in the Lepley, Engelman & Yaw law office. 

Craig Harris, LLA PresidentEach of the new attorneys was welcomed to the bar by the judges. Lycoming Law Association by the President, Craig Harris presented the new members with the volume, Historical Sketches of the Bench and Bar of Lycoming County. Jack Humphrey invited the new members to serve the indigent by becoming involved with one of several pro bono programs sponsored by the Association. Young Lawyer's Division Chair Charles Brace invited all to participate in meetings and activities of the division.