Articles & News 2006

From the February 5, 2006 Williamsport Sun-Gazette:

County solicitor honored for 25+ years of service

Gene YawEugene Yaw joked that if he’d done everything he has been credited with doing as county solicitor, he’d have to have begun the job at age 12.

Yaw was honored Saturday with the Commissioners’ Award for Distinguished Public Service during the county’s fifth annual awards banquet at the Genetti Hotel.

Yaw, who was recognized “for over 25 years of outstanding dedication, leadership, and service to enhance Lycoming County government,” according to county administrator Andrew Follmer, accepted the award with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

“This is the worst of all things,” he said as he took the podium to accept the award. “A lawyer with a microphone and a captive audience.”

Yaw said he felt honored to work with commissioners who asked questions and then listened to what he had to say.

“What they heard is another issue,” he added playfully.

On a serious note, Yaw said he did not consider his work for the county to be extraordinary. He was only doing his job, he said.

“I just responded to issues and concerns,” he said. “If that is public service, so be it.

Yaw, was among several county employees who received awards. Commissioner Nassberg commented that its employees personified why Lycoming County is considered among the best run counties in the state.

"We are truly blessed with people who work for the county who are so dedicated,” he said. “That dedication is remarkable.”