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2006 Annual Banquet

Bill CarlucciFor the first time in 100 years, Lycoming County's bar was able to honor one of its own members for having achieved the presidency of the Pennsylvania Bar Association.  This year's PBA President, William Carlucci, a 26 year LLA member, was the guest of honor and speaker at the annual banquet.

The banquet was held at 33 East, which served up a fine menu of prime rib and salmon.

The meal was followed by comments by a number of the PBA hierarchy.  Each President Elect Horoho, Vice President Susko, President Carlucci, Past President Reedrecounted his experiences working with Bill Carlucci in the past few years.  Mixed with a bit of humor, the remarks of PBA Executive Director Barry Simpson, Past President Michael Reed, President Elect Ken Horoho and Vice President Andrew Susko recounted the dedication with which Bill performs his responsibilities as President.

Bill Carlucci receiving the Equal Access to Justice AwardBill Carlucci spoke briefly after the introductions.  In a fine rebuttal to the comments of one of the presenters that Presidents like to hear themselves talk, Bill discarded his prepared remarks and Power Point presentation and summed up his view of the legal profession in Pennsylvania today.  He noted that, despite the views of some, lawyers all over the state face the same difficulties.  Profitability is being squeezed in both small and large firms, in cities and towns.  Lawyers are "worked to death" just to keep up.  Never-the-less, he has found lawyers to be generous people - in giving to charity, participating in the community and in providing legal services, pro bono.

The annual pro bono awards followed.

 Scenes from the Annual Banquet

Reception     Attorneys Reed, Rieders, Knecht and Susko at the reception     Executive Director Simpson

Past President Reed     President Elect Horoho     Bill Carlucci speaking to the crowd