Students receive scholarships from local law firm

The Law Firm of Rieders, Travis, Humphrey, Harris, Waters & Waffenschmidt recently announced the winners of the 2007 scholarships offered to one individual from each of the graduating classes of Lycoming County.

Each scholarship winner met the criteria by being a graduating senior and matriculating full-time at a two or four-year community college, college or university working toward a degree in the fall of 2007.

Application for the scholarships required an essay of 250 to 500 words on one of the following topics: “The Founders of this Country Thought that Separation of Powers and Judicial Independence Were Two Crucial Components to the Survival of the Nation. Is There a Clash Between Those Two Great Principles Where the Attorney General of the United States, on Behalf of the President, Fires United States Attorneys Because They Refuse to Succumb to Political Pressure to Prosecute Members of the Opposing Party?” or “Under the Patriot Act and Guidelines Issued by the United States Justice Department, Citizen Noncombatants can be Held Indefinitely on Suspicion of Terrorist Activities. Is this a Violation of the Fifth or Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution Guaranteeing Due Process or the Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel?” or “Have the Political Parties in the United States Wrestled all Political Power Away from the Voters and the Elected Representatives? Do the Political Parties Control all the Money Flow?”

Three semi-finalists were then chosen by the high school guidance counselors and faculty.

Their essays, along with a list of their accomplishments and activities, were then submitted to the firm for final selection.

The scholarship winners from each school were presented with their awards prior to graduation.

They are Ashley Lomison, Loyalsock Township High School; Amanda Lesko, Hughesville High School; Rachel Albert, Montoursville Area High School; Mark Montanye, Muncy High School; and Sean Morrison, South Williamsport Area High School.