Articles & News 2010

Bill CarlucciCliff RiedersLocal Bar Members Appointed to PBA Positions

Lycoming County Lawyers William Carlucci and Clifford Rieders were selected to serve as chairs of committees of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. They were among the more than 70 Pennsylvania lawyers will serve as 2010-11 chairs of Pennsylvania Bar Association committees and sections.

Carlucci, former PBA president, was renamed chair of the PABAR-PAC. The committee raises funds and contributes to the campaigns of incumbent legislators and legislative candidates supporting legislation and related issues of interest to lawyers and the PBA.

Rieders was named chair of the PBA Health Care Law Committee, which monitors legislation and litigation that affects the health care system.

Many of the Association's policies and positions prompting development of state laws and actions viewed as beneficial to the legal system, the courts and the public result from actions initiated by the leaders and members of these groups.