Articles & News 2013

Lycoming Reporter Debuts New Look

New look of the Lycoming ReporterWith its July 5, 2013 edition, the Lycoming Reporter introduces a new appearance, along with several user friendly features.  Readers will find the Reporter easier to read and easier to navigate.

The new look includes an eye friendly and more modern appearing type.  The familiar cover logo has been relegated to the background, in favor of a more useful cover page, which includes a desperately needed table of contents, and publishing information.

A table of contents was a conspicuous omission under the previous format.  Finding any feature in the Reporter required the old-fashioned page turning and scanning method.  Note that the contents does include both features of interest to the members and legal advertisements.

Upcoming LLA events will be listed in a regular feature.  This listing will work hand-in-hand with the event calendar on the website.  In most cases, the listed event will be detailed on

The somewhat haphazard listing of local CLE has been better organized and will incorporate both PBI and LLA produced "Eat & Earn" events.

In general, the Reporter has been adapted to coordinate more closely with the website.  The website continues to provide the most up-to-date Lycoming County legal news and information - the Reporter will mirror the website, and provide notice of information available on the website.  This continues the trend of integrating the paper and web voices of the LLA, that was initiated several years ago with the online edition of the Reporter.

The Lycoming County Court opinion summaries now have a cleaner and less cluttered appearance.  The summaries continue to cite to the full opinions that are on the website.  Also, an editorial decision has been made to list summaries of all opinions that have been posted to the website by the publishing deadline.  That will result in a large variation in the number of summaries listed form week to week, but the summaries will be up-to-date.

A separate page for notices has been introduced.  This is intended to provide a forum for court and bar notices, as well as for member-to-member classified type advertisement.  LLA members will have the use of this feature at a discounted rate.

Finally, the legal advertisements have been organized by type.  All of the fictitious name registrations, for example, will appear together. Also, useless headings like "Notice" have been banished, in favor of more descriptive titles, such as "Fictitious Name Notices."

The Reporter's format has not changed for several decades. The membership of the LLA is encouraged to comment on the changes, so that the Reporter continues to be a useful resource to LLA members.  Send comments to Gary Weber, Editor or Jessica Engel, Business Manager.