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Message from President Waffenschmidt about the new Lycoming Law Association Executive Director

Dear LLA Member:

As you all may have heard, Jessica Engel, who has been our Executive Director for the last 10 years, is leaving us. Her decision to leave is of a purely personal nature and has nothing to do with her job or the organization. Jessica has purchased a home in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she is hoping to avoid running into the polar vortex. She was kind enough to give us plenty of notice about her intentions of moving which allowed us to set the wheels in motion to look for her replacement. I appointed a search committee that included Angela Lovecchio, Bob Cronin, Gary Weber, Jack Humphrey and myself. Jessica of course coordinated the efforts of the search committee and participated and advised us in the process of reviewing applications and interviewing candidates. Overall we received 18 applications for the position and the committee ended up interviewing 5 candidates.

Ultimately, the search committee unanimously recommended to the Executive Board that the position be offered to Michele Frey. The Executive Board accepted the recommendation and unanimously decided to offer her the position. At this point I am pleased to report that Mrs. Frey has accepted the offer. She will be joining the organization on November 10, 2014. Please extend a warm welcome to her when you see her!

Jessica will remain with the Law Association at least until the end of November 2014 and train Michele so as to make the transition as smooth and seamless as possible. Even after Jessica has relocated to Charlotte she has agreed to continue to work with Michelle and the LLA on an as needed basis.

Over these past 10 years Presidents have come and gone but the one constant in this organization has been Jessica. She has really been the heart and soul of this organization, a great leader, organizer, and coordinator without whom this organization could not have functioned. When you see Jessica please thank her for her tireless efforts, dedication, and outstanding performance. She has made the job of every President a lot easier and made each of us look like we knew what we were doing.

Very truly yours,

Tom Waffenschmidt
LLA President