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Charles Greevy III Greevy Designates Recipients of Nichols Award Proceeds

At the May 2, 2014 Law Day ceremony, Charles Greevy III announced the recipients of the $1000 award, given in his name, as the 2014 LLA William E. Nichols Community Service Award winner. Here are his remarks given upon making the presentations:


On January 13, 2014, I was surprised and very honored to receive the William E. Nichols Community Service Award from the Lycoming Law Association at our annual dinner. That award allowed me the opportunity to name one or more organizations to receive a monetary gift from the Lycoming Law Association.

The four organizations which I have selected are all dedicated to the betterment of infants, children and young people in our communities, and are organizations in which I have had the opportunity and honor to work with for a number of years.

I would like to briefly describe each of these honoree organizations, and I ask representative of each to stand to be recognized for their leadership as I describe their groups.


On behalf of Child First P A, I am honored to have Jason Kutulakis an attorney from Camp Hill, with us today. He is our PA Children and Youth Solicitor Association's current chairman and faculty member of this program of statewide trainings.

The Child First Pennsylvania training program, is sponsored statewide by the Pennsylvania Children and Youth Solicitor's Association in partnership with the Pennsylvania State Police and collaboration with the Pennsylvania District Attorney Association. Child First PA provides Pennsylvania child abuse professionals, law enforcement, attorneys, medical providers and caseworkers, to learn how to properly respond to child abuse allegations, through an intensive five day statewide training program. Their intent is to ensure that the well being of a child is always foremost in the process of investigation to successful prosecution in the court system for child related crimes and abuse.



I am honored to have the president of LCHIC, Dr. Beth McMahon with me today. LCHIC recognizes that the health of our community is a community owned asset of which we are all trustees. This requires true community collaboration for meaningful participation in this organized process.

The Lycoming County Health Improvement Coalition, often referred to as LCHIC, was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization in 1994 and its motto is "Inspiring Better Lives" in Lycoming County. In that regard, LCHIC through the years has originated and helped to coordinate and worked through many local projects, including:

Project Star and Share programs
Safe Kids and Community Programs, which provide baby cribs for needy infants
Nurse First Family Partnership program
Neighbor to Neighbor Startup project
PA Youth Surveys in our public schools
Currently the ongoing Fitness Challenge, which works with children and their families for fitness, wellness and nutrition and particularly through Mike Cillo of the Montoursville School District and Kathy Sinabaldi, for sponsorship of the Health and Fitness Challenge for the public schools of Lycoming County.
I would bet that many of the young people with us today have participated in this Health Fitness Challenge in one or more years.



Attending on behalf of the Williamsport Kiwanis Club is Peter Wallace, chairman of the Williamsport Kiwanis Foundation, and the Camp Kiwanis program. Mike Haven, our current Kiwanis President.

The Williamsport Kiwanis Club was organized and incorporated in 1919. The International Kiwanis organization notes that it serves the children of the world. The motto as recited at the beginning of our weekly meeting, is:

"Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world, one child and one community at a time."

Through the years and continuing, Kiwanis have been supporters of local child dedicated programs and projects, including:

Formation of the Williamsport and Loyalsock High School Key Clubs, Circle K at Lycoming College, programs in the elementary schools, the Aktion Club at Hope Enterprise.
Camp Kiwanis Ownership, near Salladasburg on Route 287
5K Kids Run/Walk annually in Williamsport, the first Friday of June.
Foster Care Summer Picnic, holiday party, and recent Easter Egg breakfast along with the Lycoming County Children and Youth Agency.
The Soap Box Derby which is scheduled on June 14th this year.
The Eliminate Project, along with UNICEF to provide maternal and neonatal tetanus shots and protection, which is our current international fund-raising program.

Presently Williamsport is the largest Kiwanis member club in Pennsylvania.


Judy Jones, Executive Director of CASA is present.

CASA as it is known, is a volunteer organization that works with Lycoming County and nearby Juvenile Courts to provide advocates for children who are involved with the Children and Youth Agencies throughout our area.

CASA strives to fulfill our society's fundamental obligation by making sure a qualified, compassionate adult will fight for a child involved in the Juvenile Court system, and a child's right to be safe, treated with dignity, and to learn and grow in the security of a loving home.

The Lycoming County CASA program is over ten years old and has been dedicated to serving the best interest of abused and neglected children who are involved with the court system. Originally they operated through the Williamsport YWCA programming, and now are currently a self sustaining organization based in Lewisburg, and known as the Susquehanna Valley CASA.

The CASA program is firmly supported by our local judges, and currently have over 35 volunteers working with children in Lycoming County.


I am honored to have these four friends here today to be recognized for the service and dedication they pursue.

On behalf of the Lycoming Law Association and myself, thank you Law Day Committee and group, for this opportunity to recognize and honor these organizations.