Articles & News 2015

Bowman Working With Historical Society to Implement Program Funded by LLA Foundation Grant

Patty BowmanIn late 2014, the LLA Foundation granted $7,500.00 to the Thomas T. Taber Museum of the Lycoming County Historical Society to fund the abstracting, indexing and preserving of legal documents related to Lycoming County, in the Museum's archive. The Museum than sought to retain a person with legal background, qualified to undertake the required responsibilities.

LLA's own Patty Bowman has taken on the job. In the May 2015 edition of the Museum newsletter, Patty described her experience:

My job at the Historical Museum is to sort and catalog old legal documents which were filed and docketed in the Court of Common Pleas of Lycoming County. A few documents were filed and docketed in the Justice of the Peace offices. All of these documents were donated to the Museum in 2014. The documents that I have dealt with so far are dated anywhere from the 1860s to the I920s. Most of the documents from that time were handwritten in beautiful, relatively easy-to-read cursive, although there are some that are a challenge to read.

I also flatten the documents which have been folded for well over 100 years, and then put them into acid-free files according to what kind of filing it is. Most of the cases consist of 1 or 2 documents only, but there are a few cases where most of the filings in that particular case have been preserved. These cases get their own file.

I have found this work to be very interesting and enjoyable in light of my education and occupation.  

Congratulations to Patty Bowman for having taken on this important work in preserving local history.