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Mobile IndexAttorney is Becoming Mobile Friendlier!

Mobile phones automatically redirect to mobile friendly pages

Your Lycoming Law Association Website is (finally) moving to the next era of Web access. is working to make its pages much more friendly to mobile device access.

The new mobile pages contain less and have larger type so that the text is easily read on a small screen. The links are larger and easier to click.

The index is much easier to read and has eliminated drop-downs, which often do not work on phones. While the index is not complete, it contains most of the features that one is likely to use while out of the office.

Because your Webmaster has a day job, the process of converting pages will take some weeks to complete. Even so, not all pages will be converted as maintaining a dual site would be a monumental task. The most frequently accessed pages will be converted.

Opinion SearchOpinion ListAttorney List

Initially, the attorney search page, member list, the opinion search and recent opinion browsing pages have been converted. Users will immediately notice the cleaner and larger type on the converted pages.

Try out the new mobile access. Send comments or suggestions to the Webmaster.