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Mock Trial Teams Compete for Regional Crown

Dubois team wins competition after hung jury leaves teams in suspense for a day

From left: Emily Chambers, Brendan DuBas, Eli Kirk, Larrisa Miller, Judge Arbickle, R.J Marek and Annelise Kephart.On March 17, 2015, mock trial teams from DuBois Area Senior High School and North Penn-Mansfield High School competed in the regional mock trial competition in Williamsport's federal court house. Federal Magistrate Judge William I. Arbuckle, III presided.

From left: Charlie Andrews, Sean Kahir, Ethan Fry, Claire Kovel, Judge Arbuckle, Anya Nance and MacKenzie David.The competition was intense. This year's case, Commonwealth v. Harper Marmalard, is a criminal action charging intentional homicide on a college campus. In the regional final, Dubois prosecuted the case for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and North Penn-Mansfield defended Marmalard.

At the conclusion of the presentations, the jurors deliberated, but were unable to deliver a verdict as the jurors were split evenly between the two teams. Of the nearly 1100 total points accumulated by the teams, there was a difference of only 4 votes between the 2 teams. Coordinator Terra R. Koernig accepted the unofficial verdict and the final result was announced the following day. DuBois Area Senior High School won the competition by a hair and will move on to the state competition.

Both teams competed at a very high level. Attorneys presented their arguments without notes; the questioning was sharp and precise. Witnesses were very well versed in the facts. Objections were thoughtful and the responses were spontaneous and appropriate.

Good luck to DuBois Area Senior High School in the state competition in Harrisburg.