Articles & News 2015

From left, Legal Services Chair John Pietrovito, Son Light House Directors Delores & Ken Frey, LLA President Tammy Weber and LLA Executive Director Michele Frey.Pro bono award funds presented to Son Light House, Muncy

Every year, at the annual banquet, the LLA honors those of its membership who undertook pro bono work in the previous year. In years past the LLA Legal Services for the Indigent Committee would award a trinket or device of nominal value to the attorney, to commemorate the  efforts of the attorney on behalf of the poor.

Recently, the Committee has approached the awards differently. Each attorney receives a certificate of achievement, but not the commemorative gift. Rather, the Association donates the funds that would have been used for the gifts to a worthwhile charity, in the name of the pro bono lawyers.

This year, $500 was donated to Son Light House, an organization that serves needy families in eastern  Lycoming County. The check was accepted by Delores and Ken Frey on February 25, in the LLA office.

Son Light House is indeed a worthy charity. Since 1982, the organization has been distributing food, clothing, furniture, linens and more to families in need. In 2014, Son Light House helped an average of 600 households a month.

The members of the Association in whose name the donation was given are indeed pleased to support an organization such as Son Light House, which has helped so many of our friends and neighbors.