2016 Articles & News

Adrianne Stahl & LLA member Trish ShipmanCourt Administrator Adrianne Stahl & Staff Reach Out to Bar at "Meet & Greet"

Every member of the Lycoming County Bar , who appears in Court, has some interaction with the Court Administrator's staff. Often, it's the voice on the other end of the telephone or the signature at the bottom of a terse court notice.

Meet & Greet eventNewly appointed Court Administrator, Adrianne Stahl & staff decided that the best way to get to know the members of the Bar is to leave the court house and come to us. On Wednesday, March 2, they did that with a "Meet & Greet" event at the LLA office, with snacks and drinks.

Along with Adrianne, new Director of Court Services, Jenn McConnell, Deputy Court Administrator, Eileen Dgien, Scheduling Technician, April McDonald and staff members Keely Hitchens and Kate Ferguson, all attended the event. They offered friendly conversation, useful information and practical advice to those who attended. They were also interested in learning what they can do to improve the court services, so that suggestions from the attending members of the bar were noted and discussed.

Many members of the Bar attended during the 2 hour session. The outreach by the Court Administrator's office was a much appreciated effort to foster amiable relations among the members of the staff and the Bar.

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