2017 news

Physician General Rachel Levine presenting Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority Recognition Award to Clifford A. RiedersRieders Accepts Award for
Work With Patient Safety Authority

Lycoming Law Association member, Cliff Rieders, a founding member of the Patient Safety Authority, recently retired from the Authority Board.

At the Authority's last Board meeting, Physician General Rachel Levine presented Cliff to the Board at a public meeting and gave to Rieders a Keystone-shaped plaque with the inscription, "Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority Recognition Award Presented to Clifford A. Rieders, Esquire, in recognition of your valuable contributions while serving on the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority's Board of Directors to improve patient safety in Pennsylvania healthcare facilities. March 2002-September 2017, Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority" The plaque was signed "Rachel L. Levine, MD, Chair, Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority Board of Directors."